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Marketing Genius

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At the top of the beverage industry sits soft drinks, and at the top of the soft drink market sits Coca Cola. A marketing powerhouse, Coca Cola, commonly known as Coke, dominates the soft drink market, and has for many years. Introduced in 1886 by John Pemberton, one of the Coca Cola Company’s main focuses has always been mass marketing.

Coke has always been very crafty in the way they choose to advertise. Perhaps one of the best marketing ploys they have used is their holiday’s campaign.

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These commercials, that a vast majority of North America and even the world have seen, portrays a big jolly Santa in a red suit drinking Coke. Another commercial features big red Coke trucks driving through snowy mountains. These commercials are appealing to the viewer who is in the holiday spirit, and Coke has done an extraordinary job to work its way into the holiday season. Probably the biggest part of the holiday marketing would have been the creation of not Santa himself, but the chubby Santa in the red suit.

And when anyone thinks of Santa, don’t they think of just that? A chubby guy with a red suit? Well, we can thank Coke for that.

Another big marketing plan, and arguably the overall biggest marketing idea for Coke, would be the unmistakable Coke bottle. The design called the “contour bottle” would probably be noticed by any blind folded regular Coke drinker. Its unique shape and look is appealing to the eye and gives them a little edge over the competitions more normal looking bottle. Many may not think something as simple as a different shaped bottle would be an effective marketing tool, but it has proved to be working for Coke.

A marketing strategy that may go unnoticed to most people would be ads in movie theatres. This advertising technique is very smart, because while in a movie the viewer is focused on the screen, being much more likely to persuade the person watching then maybe a billboard or a poster that you walk or drive by. Next time you go to a.

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