Marketing manager Essay

The growing business world across the globe is in dire need of business and IT professionals that will be able to take charge of the reins of the world trade and economy - Marketing manager Essay introduction. There are millions of small and medium enterprises across the globe which has immense value in the $43.6 trillion global economy. The career I have decided to choose as my future is of a Marketing Manager.

A marketing manager is essentially the person who manages, controls, overlooks and builds up marketing strategies for the firm in which he is working (Marketing Manager, 2008). The necessary responsibilities of a marketing manager include creative thinking, empowering the subordinates to bring in their own ideas and critically evaluate the different alternatives to choose the best policy for the firm (How to .. In Marketing, 2008).

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Marketing normally is attributed to the set of activities and tasks that seek to evaluate the demand for a certain commodity and design strategies that will boost up the sales for that product or service (What is Marketing?, 2008). It is my passion to work in a marketing capacity – furthermore the thought of creative authority instills in me a special interest and desire to work harder and achieve goals that would be proactive for me and beneficial for the company in which I would work.

The position of a marketing manager is not only a versatile position; it is on the rise. Recently, several marketing managers’ salaries were easily comparable to those of Chartered Accountants (Marketing Managers, 2008). The rising global economy holds numerous positions for creativity and marketing. My academic and natural skills are highly suited for such a dynamic job and I see this job one of the best ones for the growth and progression of my career.

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