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Marketing outline

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Marketing outline


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Marketing outline
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As an effective salesperson I would first of all pay attention to basic communication techniques. I would ensure that my appearance in terms of the dress I am wearing is presentable. I would also try to exude confidence through my body language and very warmly greet the customer. The presentation would go as follows:

Hello Sir / Madam

I am ABC from the XYZ book publishers. Every educationist’s professional goal is to provide the best in terms of imparting knowledge to his/her students. I am here to introduce you to some excellent textbooks that would prove to be extremely useful in achieving your objectives. (I would then hand over the textbooks related to the faculty’s subject and give him/her some time to have a look of the books I am talking about)

I am sure you are impressed by the quality, isn’t it? They are well-researched piece of work and would prove to be very helpful in making you achieve your professional goals.

The books have been designed with an approach of theory and practice. Each chapter has detailed coverage of theory followed by exercise for practice. There are also case studies. We have found out that this approach gives more clarity to students in understanding the subject. (I would answer his questions if any)

We have conducted some surveys amongst a group of academicians and students.  These are the survey reports (I would handover the survey reports to the customer). X% of the students have admitted that they can get along with these books easily and y% of academicians said the authors have summarized the topics well and the approach of the books are more towards the future trends of imparting education. I am sure you will like these books. I am leaving behind a sample copy of each book so that you get enough time to think over it and discuss with your colleagues.

When can we meet again? Does Thursday suits you. (I would take down the date and time for the next meeting.) Thank you sir/madam it was nice speaking to you (handshake) Goodbye.
























Perocchi, K., Wysocki, A. (2001). How to create an effective sales presentation. Retrieved Dec.1,

2007 from http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/SN002

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