Marketing Plan of Starbucks Essay

Starbucks in Malaysia is jointly owned by Berjaya Corporation and Starbucks Coffee International and has enjoyed a healthy growth within the Malaysian market since it’s first outlet opened in 1998 - Marketing Plan of Starbucks Essay introduction. At present,there are 119 stores in Malaysia. Relatively, the company’s main goal is to establish the coffee company with high standard brand of coffee in the international market. And, in order to achieve this objective Starbucks has been continually expand its retail operations, and its fastest delivery services; as well as its specialty sales operations world wide.

In addition to that, the introduction of new products and the continuous development of new distribution channels have largely contributed to worldwide success of the company. In order for a company to reach its peak of success; it must have a proper implementation and execution of a strategic marketing plan. A proper positioning and identification of a target market are two of the important factors in promoting its products and services to the consumers effectively and efficiently.

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Marketing Plan of Starbucks
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In this connection, Starbucks has been able to carry out its commercial success all over the years now through its marketing and targeting strategies; as well as through its competitive environment. At the same time, the company has been able to transform its consumer experienced products and services into highly profitable business in the world. Aside from that, Starbucks has been significantly competitive in the world market because of its mission, vision and goals that provide high value products to its customers; and above anything else, when someone hears about Starbucks, it only means high quality gourmet coffee business.

One more important thing about the company, it has the unique differentiator strategy, which means that the company has individualized each outlet based on its location and environment. The company always thinks of the additional products that would suit to the culture of the environment of the consumers. In the same manner the company focuses more on the increase of its profitability and return of investment compared to its contemporaries. The company’s main objective is to strengthen its recognition world as the leading provider of premium beverages in the world.

And, another corporate strategy that the company has is the acquisition that allows the company to purchase other competitors industry that will give Starbucks a great chance to increase its profits and gain market share. Like what it did to Carbou Coffee Company Inc. ; by acquiring Caribou, Starbucks can merge administrative and organizational costs into one. In the same fashion, Starbucks has the ability to repositioning newly acquired coffee business into low-priced market scheme strategy; lowered than Starbucks.

In other words, the new company acquired has the potential to gain higher revenues that can be generated and directed towards Starbucks being its parent company. This is the reason that Starbucks has remained focused on providing superior customer service products and services with world class quality among its competitors in the world market. Besides, Starbucks has its unique competitive advantage over its competitors that allows the company to charge a premium for its world-class products and services.

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