Marketing program of no limits computer Essay

The product that will be illustrated in this marketing program, no limits computer, is a product launched for a dynamic and constantly changing market.  We will hypothetically assume that a company intends to commence selling such product and is thus preparing a marketing plan accordingly.  Fierce competition is faced in such a market not only by its direct competitors but also by substitute products.  Competition will stay on the grounds of product quality, price and after sales service.


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Marketing program of no limits computer
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The product will be directed both for industrial and domestic customer groups.  The distribution network designed for these clients will be the firm’s website, sales staff in two shops and orders will even be accepted by telephone, leading to visits by our sales people to the client ordering the goods.


Being a product possessing a faster processor, a temporary competitive advantage will be attained in the market.  The two retail shops that the firm own will allow product demonstrations and top management support and coordination shall also sustain the likelihood of success of no limits computer.  In view of the weakness that the product being a standard one is violating a market trend that consists of increasing demand for customized computers it is important that such strengths are utilised to the maximum.  This is also imperative in light of the high competition threat there is in the market.


We are aiming to attain a high product market share during the product life and invest in research and development in order to replace the product at the decline stage and thus continue operating in such market.  The opportunity of international markets will also be considered at this stage.  A product growth marketing strategy is stated in this marketing program and such aim is intended to be achieved with the aid of a good marketing mix, as developed in such program.  Distribution, product features, branding, product labelling, promotion and pricing will be considered in particular to reach the aforesaid aim.


Financial budgets together with functional budgets are set in order to examine the financial performance of no limits computer.  Operational controls on promotion, product quality and financial effectiveness are set to ensure that the plan is met.  Namely to say is the Total Quality Management Philosophy that will be adopted to ensure product quality and Standard Costing System to control costs, which will be used.  Recall tests, analytical procedures and qualitative evaluation schemes shall also be applied on the promotion mix to ensure their proper effectiveness.


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