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Marquis de Sade

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Marquis de Sade

History has many significant social icons that pushed through and implemented a contemporary view on the society. Most of these icons were duly accepted by the society proclaiming their fame and prestige however, most of them were dispHistoryrove and rejected ultimately causing their downfall. In the present, these notable icons and their personal values and views were modernly presented using the artistic adaptation of contemporary films and such. However, these modern adaptations were sometimes criticized for their inaccuracy and lack of in-depth contextualization of the personality of the person they are depicting.

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Consider for example the modern adaptation of the movie entitled “Quills” regarding the life and social views of Marquis de Sade. People who know much about the history of this person would argue that this film did not justify well the personality of the de Sade. This idea is mainly because de Sade was primarily made as the antagonist in the film and his views and personality was catered to fit this description.

In a sense, the story of the film did not focus equally on the characters and just presented de Sade negative views and failed to give justifiable reasons for this development.

On the other hand, the film at some point made a few positive characterizations to de Sade’s personality primarily the fact of his notable skill for reasoning for which he was able to persuade other person. His character was depicted as an influential person with great wits and logical thinking however, he was considered as a twisted man as his social views were way off of his time. This said of de Sade’s personality was not duly presented in the film thus, people who will base their opinion of de Sade through the film will be arguably misled making producing a negative impression of his personality.

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