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Marriage And Family Research Paper

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Marriage And Family Essay, Research Paper

. Types of marriage-

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Marriage And Family Research Paper
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– common-law- non lawfully married, populating together for a certain figure of old ages.

– legal marriage- married by priest or justice, recognized by authorities in all provinces


– polygyny- one hubby has two or more married womans

– polyandry- married woman has two or more hubbies ( up to five ) .

. In 1990, 28 % of US births were to single adult females. By 1995, this figure had increased to 32 % .


. Gender V. Sexual activity

– gender is the societal and psychological features associated with being male or female.

– sex is the biological differentiation between being male or female.

. Gender functions are learned through interaction with the environment, non through biological science.

. The Cognitive-developmental theory of gender function development reflects a blend of biological and societal acquisition positions. Biological preparedness, in footings of cognitive development, of the kid influences how the kid responds to gender cues in the environment.


. Sternberg s trigon of love-

– intimacy- unwraping personal feelings

– passion- sexual yearning and demand

– commitment- determination to keep love relationship with spouse

. Lee s love styles-

– ludus positions love as a game

– pragma is logical and rational

– Eros is titillating, consumed by passion and love affair

– passion love feels intense emotion and sexual passion but is out of cont


– storage is unagitated, soothing, asexual love devoid of all passion

– agape is altruistic and giving, anticipating nil in return.

. 67 % of 620 never-married college pupils reported that they would disassociate if they fell out of love with their partner.

Dating and Mate Selection

. 41 % of grownups in US age 25-29 reported that they had over 5 spouses since age 18, in contrast to 26 % between the ages of 18 and 24 who reported that they had had over 5 spouses.

. Cohabitating Couples-

– Here and now- spouses who have an emotional/sexual relationship and want to populate together because they enjoy each other.

– Testers- emotionally/sexually involved spouses who want to measure whether remaining together and acquiring married is right for them.

– Engaged- spouses who are committed to acquiring married.

– Money savers- spouses who live together chiefly out of economic necessity.

– Pension partners- live together because matrimony would ensue in loss for one or both spouses of benefits from a old matrimony.

-Cohabitants forever- twosomes who view populating together as a lasting alterative to matrimony.

. Most frequent grounds for college pupils stoping a relationship-

-cheating ( 18 % )

– met person new ( 15 % )

– spouse met person new ( 13 % )

– went back to old lover ( 6 % )

– spouse went back to old lover ( 5 % )

Person else was the biggest ground people broke off relationships, following was dishonesty.

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