Marriage and Original Globe Theater Essay

All About Shakespeare: What day do we consider to be Shakespeare’s day of birth and how do we know it? - Marriage and Original Globe Theater Essay introduction?? : April 23, 1564. What school and what university did Shakespeare attend? : Stratford Grammar School Who did Shakespeare marry, and how many children did he have? : William Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway in 1582. They had three children Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith. What tragic family event occurred around the same time as his writing of Romeo & Juliet? : Shakespeare’s son Hamnet died, in 1596, shortly after Romeo and Juliet was written.

What did Shakespeare’s great financial gain in 1605 allow him the time to do? : Shakespeare’s financial success in the London theatre enabled him to retire and return to his home in Stratford around 1610. He lived there comfortably until his death on April 23, 1616 What two plays are considered Shakespeare’s greatest or most famous? : Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet How large is the average person’s vocabulary, and how does Shakespeare’s compare? :the average person has a vocabulary of about 4000 words, whereas Shakespeare used between 17000 and 29000 The Elizabethan Theater 1.

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When was the original Globe Theater built? 1599 2. Where was the original Globe Theater located? Shoreditch, London. 3. From what was the Globe Theater built? timbers ,nails, stone (flint), plaster and thatched roof. The Plays & Sonnets of Shakespeare 1. What three categories of plays did Shakespeare write? : Tragedies, Comedies, Histories 2. List the title of one play from each category. Romeo and Juliet. Mid summers night dream, richard the 3rd All About Elizabethan Love & Marriage: At what age may a boy and girl marry, and at what age is marriage for non-noble families common?

When a marriage is arranged for a younger couple, what is the usual reason? When is it considered “luckiest” to have the marriage? How is a wedding engagement announced, and what is thought of an unannounced wedding? Marrying for love is generally considered what? Why are most noble marriages arranged, and even some common people marriages? The Elizabethan Household: From whom do you purchase necessary drugs? : An apothecary From whom do you purchase cloth for making clothing? : A mercer. In your own household, what is the title of the person who nurses your baby? : wet nurse

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