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Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives

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Marriot is an international trade name nevertheless the intent of this controlled appraisal. they will be my local concern known as London Heathrow Marriott-LHM. Marriott is presently a private limited company ( PLC ) and has two other private investors as proprietors of the company. The Marriott hotel was founded in 1993 and is located in Harlington. Hayes. Currently its labor turnover for the month of September ( 2010 ) is an addition of 10. 1 % . Marriott acquires about 133. 000 employee’s universe broad and between 8. 000-9. 000 employees in the UK.

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Marriot and Body Shop Aims and Objectives
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My other local concern is The Body store. The Body Shop is an international concern

Definition of Aims

The long-run ends a concern wants to accomplish. Goals that a concern wants to accomplish to be successful.Explain what purposes areDefinition of aimsThe specific stairss taken by a concern to accomplish a endAims have to S. M. A. R. T. this stands for:* Specific* Measurable* Accomplishable* Realistic* Time

Marriott’s purposes* Guest Satisfaction Superiority* Marriott Profitability & A ; Owner Return on Investment* Associate Satisfaction

Marriott’s aims* GSS ( Customer Target ) 75 % ( satisfied with overall service ) * Gross saless turnover of ?20m per annum* Labour turnover less than or equal to 25 %

Summarizing Marriott’s purposes and aims

Marriot have set themselves three purposes that they hope to accomplish.

These three purposes vary from doing a net income on their investing to guest and employee satisfaction. Marriott’s first purpose and nonsubjective focal points on client satisfaction. They are traveling to run into this end by being client focused and run intoing client demands. To accomplish this they will make everything in their power to maintain their clients happy to give recommendations to other people and for them to maintain coming back to their hotel. They need to present the “wow factor” by supplying the best quality of service. They intend to run into this purpose by promoting their invitees to finish a “Guest Satisfaction Survey” .

To accomplish their purpose they need 75 % of their clients to be satisfied. The direction squad reviews all these studies to happen out what they need to better on to do the hotel and do it the best in the industry. They besides focus on associate satisfaction which focuses on the employees. They are endeavoring for labour turnover less than or equal to 25 % hence Marriott hope non to lose more than 1 in 4 of their employees. They aim to do employees satisfied by guaranting their staff is happy. They will accomplish this purpose by actuating their staff and honoring them with staff benefits for illustration LHM offer “Valuable room rate. nutrient and drink. and retail price reductions at planetary Marriott locations. ”

This gives the employees the feeling that Marriott cares about them. Besides the sum of wage that is offered by Marriott is higher than most tantamount occupations. This makes the employees want to remain as they know that there is a really slender opportunity that they will happen this sum of wage anyplace else. or they may non acquire the same sum of bonuses-motivating them to make better- The privation the communicating between the staff and Marriott direction to be strong as this gives the employees the sense that they are involved within the concern.

Their 3rd purpose and nonsubjective focal points on Income and money made. Marriott want to do a net income and have a gross revenues turnover of ?20m per annum. By making this they will be able to keep portion monetary values and reward stockholders with dividends. Furthermore they will be able to make this by increasing gross revenues gross for this hotel. This has been set out by the direction & A ; senior Marriott forces in the US. The will accomplish this by supplying the best quality of service.

organic structure shopAims

* Leading concern in the beauty industry* Fair trade* Protect homo rights – clients and staff* Protect the Environment and planet

organic structure store aims

* Continue to turn by maximising gross revenues * All our providers have signed the Code of behavior back uping ethical. just trade plan. * Bettering on the job conditions for organic structure store employees and protecting their Human rights * Every merchandise packaging is made from 100 % recycled stuffs Summary of the organic structure store aims and aims

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