Martin Luther King comparison

It is a reply letter by the Martin Luther King - Martin Luther King comparison introduction. Jr. when he is in Bermingham jail. It shows his responsibility to give reply to the persons about his feelings and activities in jail. Though he supposed to have work done with the secretaries, yet he feels that they should not be overburdened as they have engaged with other work, which hamper regular work. It shows his sincerity and patience for giving replies to each and every one. The reply letter given on April 16, 1963.

The king expressed his views why he was in Birmingham and he introduced since initial level that he was the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This is an organization operates in every southern state and its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. In South eighty-five affiliated organizations across the South. The Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights is one of the affiliated organization for which all our affiliates share of staff, educational and financial resources. It was asked by the affiliate to engage  a non violent direct action Programme, in case of necessary. Since he is the president and taken decision and given consent and made it according the promise. It shows his commitment and responsibility with the affiliates.

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He expressed that there is injustice in Birmingham. He viewed to carry the freedom from own hometown, like Paul and for this purpose, he should respond for aid. He compared himself as Paul those who makes good things.

The king focused that he cannot sit idly and his assistance where threat to injustice is existed. And due to actions, including him has been caught. He did not felt anything and besides, he told anyone lives inside the United State will be considered as insider only. It indicates that he has no feeling living in jail.

The kind expressed about demonstrations and viewed that white power structure left the Negro community with o other alternative.

The kind described the non-violent campaign. Then he explained that the nonviolent campaign passed all the steps like collection of facts to determine whether injustices exist, negotiation, self-purification and direct action. It means the king takes all possible takes before attempting non-violent campaign. The Negroes community and churches have unsolved bombings and hence Negro leaders sought to negotiate with the city fathers.

During September, there were discussions with Birminghams economic community and resulted the promises only for which the Christian Movement for Human Rights agreed to a moratorium on all demonstrations. Thereafter it is noticed that it is false promise. The king identified the situation.

Hence the king decided to take direct action for the Easter season except for Christmas. It shows the King gave consideration for religious things and he also viewed that it would be best time to bring pressure on merchants for the needed change. Here the King identified the situation and to tight the merchants.

Due to the may elections were scheduled in March, it is decided by the king that program should be delayed. Here the king waited to see that Mr.Connor defeated, so that situation become easy. It indicates that the king still waited till the issue be settled easily.

The king explained why the direct action. Since all the possible initial steps were performed, yet there is no result, hence it is inevitable except direct action. The king also intimated that there is no afraid about tension. He told though he opposes violent tensions still for necessary growth, nonviolent tension is inevitable.

The direct action Programme creates definitely doorstep to negotiation. Hence the king planned for direct action.  It seems the king predicted the future actions.

The king explained why the direction action taken during that time. Because the fellows asked that the direct action taken untimely. So he wants to give full explanation and clarification. It indicates the king describes everything what he has done with reasons.

After all clarification, the king still want to tell that the direction action was taken in well time. As he has waited fore time for the direct action.

The kind replied with justification that waiting time is 340 years. All other going with speed, still our community not able to go, hence the king taken direct action. The benefit may be extended to twenty million Negro brothers.  It indicated that king sees that benefit should be contributed to the society but not individual.

The king moved towards the breaking the laws. It indicates that king created such situation in all angles besides direct action so that in any angle the movement should not fail.

The king described the law is just or just. He identified the law is made with the morality but not legal creation. The king described that law should uplift the human personality but it should not graded, whereas in the current nature, such laws are available hence direct action required. He gave more importance on moral right which was also described in Supreme court decision.

The king not only described but also gave the examples for which all should satisfy. It indicates the king has convinced nature so that there should not be any doubt. There such system that law is available that majority compels and minority should follow.

The king also gave another example for unjust law where it is always minority community effected since the Alabama used such methods so that Negroes prevented from becoming registered voters. And it is not limited to Alabama but other countries where Negroes constitute majority of the population, even a single Negro is registered.

The king made analysis about his incidence itself for which he has been arrested on such charge i.e. parading without permit. But when the ordinance made it becomes no wrong with it.

Then the king expressed that with all available explanations and examples the distinction between just and unjust can be identified.

The kind viewed that there is nothing new for civil disobedience as it was evidenced that high moral was at stake. Socrates also practiced civil disobedience. He also delighted that the Boston Tea Party is best example for the act of civil disobedience.

There he described about Adolph Hitler, which was done with Hungarian freedom fighters. He also told that he can change his idea if he lives in other country according the religious laws of that country. It shows the king gives values to the all religious and it is not limited.

The king also made confession with the Christian and Jewish brothers. It indicates that he made apologies that no person should feel about his attitude.

The king opined that while community understand the law and present tension in the south, because we have not created tension but it is non-violent direct action. He also described natural medicines like air and light for injustice.  It indicates that the king want to convince the white people also.

While giving reply, the king explained the action taken, which was violence. He described his thoughts with Socrates and hence he did not want to condemn. It shows that the what action taken by the king binding himself logically and philosophically also.

The king also noticed that white people moderate would reject the myths. Here the King wanted to tell where white people themselves are convinced whereas you were still not convinced.

The king described his movement with other religious movements. It indicates that movement is not singly. The Muslims, Christians movements and followed by Negroes frustration. He the king describes that it is continuation of other movements.

The king then prays the god about Negro church as the non violence became an integral part of struggle. It indicates the king also depends on the god for final conclusion.

The king also told the white brothers refuse to support the nonviolent efforts for where the millions of Negroes will be frustrated. Here the king indicates and describes both communities i.e. white and Negroes.

He described further, that the oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever and hence should not wait for imbalanced action. Now the situation come to take action and hence initialed the action for freedom for Negroes.

The king told he was disappointed and himself told he become extremist.  It means the king slightly identifying his character from positive manner to negative role. He taken the example of Jesus Christ who is also extremist for love, truth and goodness. He also told the nation and world are in need of creative extremists. So himself designed as extremist.

The king expected that moderate people should see the need of extremist. Here the king described as optimistic though it may not be existed by the moderate people.

The king again disappointed with white church and its leadership.  He explained the issues in all angles with respect the issue, where the Negroes abandoned.

The king described that he traveled all over Alabama, Missippi and other southern states. He analyzed the beautiness of churches and role of Negroes.

Due to disappointment, the king wept the laxity of the church. It indicates that he wants to open all, which were in his mind.

The king described that church is powerful and early Christians rejoiced and deemed to be worthy. The king intended the gratefulness of the church.

However he identifies the latest situated that the contemporary church is a weak and ineffectual voice with uncertain sound. It indicates his reality about churches position.

The king wished the Negro sit-inners and demonstrators of Birmingham for their courage, willingness. He also described them as real heroes.

He described again this is very big letter for which he never write like this. He also afraid that it waste the precious time of the readers. Still the king justifies the writing too long.

Finally the king asks explanation if any wrongs or unreasonable statements. It indicates that commitment of the work with everyone.

Finally, he described his faintness and he told he would not be deemed as integrationist or civil rights leader. He requested that he should be treated as fellow clergyman or Christian Brother.

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