Marvelous News — A Marvel Tales Volume Essay

Our friend Lance Thingmaker has been a busy boy - Marvelous News — A Marvel Tales Volume Essay introduction. Hot the heels of his highly acclaimed and highly successful volume of The Fantasy Fan, Lance is back with his next fantastic project – a hardback book that collects the five issue run of William Crawford’s Marvel Tales. Each issue was chock full of fantasy from a who’s who of Weird Tales writers, with Howard’s “The Garden of Fear” appearing in the second issue. Lance is now taking pre-orders — the book should be available in April. Here is some additional information from Lance:

Straight from the same hands that brought you The Fantasy Fan, comes a new book. This is the complete five issue run of Marvel Tales, coming in at nearly 300 pages, it is full of incredible stories, comments, and art from some the genres biggest and most influential names, Lovecraft, Howard, Derleth, Long, Jacobi and the list goes on. The original editor was William Crawford, famous for publishing “The Shunned House,” H.P. Lovecraft’s only book published in his lifetime. Crawford printed each of these zines himself, and even went as far as doing alternate covers… My Hero!

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Marvelous News — A Marvel Tales Volume
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Those of you familiar with The Fantasy Fan will know I have taken great care to recreate the look and feel of original 1930’s fanzines, down to the color on the covers and the use of tan paper. This book is no exception, and having learned many lessons from producing The Fantasy Fan, this one is even better! The book is a whopping 3.5 pounds, and will keep the same simple feel of The Fantasy Fan. I will include the alternate covers, also extra items. I print and bind every book myself, nothing digital — just like Mr. Crawford did.

As was the case with The Fantasy Fan, the first 100 copies will be the deluxe numbered version with a slip case and extras. If you bought The Fantasy Fan volume and want the same number, Lance can only hold it until March 15, so please contact him to reserve your number. A website is coming in a few days and this post will be updated with that information. In the meantime, to pre-order contact Lance directly to reserve and order your copy.

The pre-order sale price is $40 (the price will increase $50 when the book is ready) and U.S. shipping is FREE. Pre-orders will be accepted through March 31.

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