Mary Kay Ash Essay

Her success was spectacular - Mary Kay Ash Essay introduction. She instilled her own infectious enthusiasm in her workers through a litany of maxims such as: “I created this company for you. ” “At Mary Kay you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. ” “God didn’t have time to make a nobody. As a result, you can have, or be, anything you want. ” “Fake it till you make it. ” These famous quotes dealing with goals, achievement, and success have been attributed to her. At the same time, it gives the positive power, confidence and encouragement to her employees and gives them new opportunities as well.

She once said, “Our marketing plan is not based on any great management revelation, but on the simple policy of making people feel important, through every communication that goes out. At Mary Kay we learn to imagine an invisible sign around each person’s neck that says ‘Make me feel important. ‘” This is Mary Kay Company’s main culture and it led her employees until now. Her company became renowned for its culture, its international success and its brand, and she became a direct selling industry icon.

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Creativity: Mary Kay Ash and company created many creative reward systems focused on women’s needs. One of the rewards: Offering sale incentives such as pink Cadillacs to highest sellers and providing a family friendly environment has continued to empower women employees since the 1960’s. “Think Pink” She selected pink as the distinctive signature color of her product packaging. Pink makes an eye-catching and fun meaning that goes beyond looking good to feeling good. Therefore, pink color becomes Mary Kay Ash’s image and tenet.

Risk-taking: Mary Kay Ash was more than a successful entrepreneur; she was a liberator of women. She was the feminist in pink. Her company unlocked a door for women around the world. Because of Mary Kay Ash a woman could be her own boss. In 1963, she took $5,000 of her own money and began working at a time when men dominated the work force . Why did she do it? To Enrich Women’s Lives. That’s it, pure and simple concepts. Mary Kay wanted to create an opportunity for women to be paid what they are worth, instead of what someone else thinks they are worth, and to make a difference in their lives and the lives of heir families. Conclusion Mary Kay Ash is the most amazing women. She gives women the courage to go out as they are. Here is what she said makes me very touching: When asked to name her greatest achievement, Mary Kay Ash proudly replies, “I think the biggest legacy we are going to leave is a whole community of children who believe they can do anything in this world because they watched their mamas do it. ” Her influence is not only for women, but also their children.

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