Mary Sherry Essay

In Mary Sherry’s short story ” In praise of the ” F” Word, she argues that giving failing grades is necessary to real learning. She make strong argument for using the “F” to really get students attention and she is correct when she argues that teachers should not give grades simply to pass students along the way. Most students drop out of school because they have failing grades. In this essay, it stated that students who where passed along is stigma associated with being left behind . Mary Sherry make some great points in this essay about the “F” word.

Some people may agree with Mary Sherry. I can say I do agree with her. First, some students just do work just get by. Teachers know this information , but they don’t care about that. Student like to depend on the teacher to pass them. Second, it really hurting the student In one part of her essay Mary Sherry writes, ” I don’t move seniors,” she said ” I flunk them. ” When she wrote that the teacher didn’t care the student not pay attention in class because its there business if they want to pay attention or not.

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She knew then what is number one priority going to be. She tried her best help her son to come out that class. In another paragraph she states ” I don’t know how I ever got a high-school diploma . Some student can’t tell how they got their diploma . Students pay another people to their work for them. If only they knew that is hurting them. Finally, She made an statement ” No more passing Jodi because she such a nice kid. She have ever right this statement because teacher be passing students basic on their actions in teacher’s classroom.

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