Masculinity in Society Essay

Masculinity in Society

Toughness is one of the characteristics a man should have in order to be termed and regarded as a real man. Watching the two clips from, the men are always furious in proving what they ought to be in this world. Dominators and conquerors are what we think about them as with Alexander the Great and Hitler that were listed in the History. Men are also thought to be strong, that they can do strenuous activities; independent for they can decide on their own; and respected, either with the fear or dignity they have earned from the start of their manhood.

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Masculinity in Society
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Masculinity in this case is a programmed belief made from generations ago. It can be seen even in the records that men really perform more than of women. From the Bible, leaders are also from the guys who are chosen by God to represent a certain tribe.

The passing – on of the concept of masculinity grows in every generation making women only fit for household chores.

The wrestling scenarios in WWE, action movies that portray the harshness and violence of men and computer games that involve killing and assassinations are factors that help mold the society with the thinking that men are superior and powerful. The media is a big part of the socially constructed roles of the men, giving us the idea that men should be someone like a knight in a shining armor who will be rescuing a girl from being abused or maltreated.

In other cases, men are also the cause of atrocities of other men, given that they came from a family that is also violent. Those men who were bullied in their young lives tend to become batterers in their adult life. It is sad though that men who cry in front of the people are termed to be weak, where in fact, they are stronger than those who do not cry for they know when to stop and to share the emotions. The molding of the society is double – sided; the good sides go with the specificity of the roles of men and women, while the bad side tends to limit a man from being a human who also feels something at times.



















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