“Mask” by Peter Bogdanovich and the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” - Comparison Essay Example

In the movie “Mask” by Peter Bogdanovich and the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee there are characters with very different life styles - “Mask” by Peter Bogdanovich and the book “To Kill a Mocking Bird” introduction. I am going to focus on two of these characters. From the movie, I picked Rocky as one of the people to compare and contrast because he is the main character in the movie and the movie revolves around him. The character I chose from the book is Atticus, the lawyer and father of Scout and Jem in Maycomb County. I think these characters have a lot in common and a lot of differences as well.

            Another difference is both Atticus and Rocky get made laughed at and made fun of. Rocky gets made fun of because of the way he looks, at school, outside, at a mall… anywhere where nobody knows him. Atticus gets made fun of because of the person who he is defending in court. People talk to Rocky like he is not even human saying to him that he is from some other planet, but he’s calm and responds by saying to “What’s the matter, never seen anyone from the planet Vulcan before?, he gets told to take his “mask” because he is so ugly. Atticus does not really get made fun of, but he gets comments about why he is protecting a person who is black, being called a nigger-lover and many other things. Back then black people were hated and not wanted to be around.


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            Both Atticus and Rocky are two different people. Atticus’ style of life is being more formal while Rocky’ style is more open. For example, Atticus wants his kids to grow up to be caring adults, and not some people who do not care about anything. While on other hand, Rocky has a more open lifestyle; his mom does not really care on what he does when he is out somewhere. She takes him to her friend’s places where she does drugs but does not want him to ever do drugs. Eventually one day rocky get’s mad that she always goes out and says, “I’m tired of taking care of you all the time!”

            Atticus is stuck in a situation where he knows his client, Tom Robinson, is not guilty and has all the evidence to prove it. But being that all of the jury is white and hate black people, he knows there is no chance that he can win the case. He said to himself “Tom was a dead man the minute Mayella Ewell opened her mouth and screamed”(244)

            Comparisons between the two characters are they are both patient. When Rocky is made fun of, he doesn’t go crazy beating up the person or crying about it. He does the smart thing and turns around and walks away. He is very calm about it, and rarely does anything about it, but eventually people begin to like him. Atticus is also very patient when he gets commented about how he is defending a black man in court, but he does nothing about it, even when he is called a “nigger-lover”(87), he still continues to walk away and do his job as a lawyer, even though most people think that what he is doing is wrong.

             Both these characters have their differences and similarities. Even though Atticus is from the 1930’s and Rocky being from the 1980’s, both are people who are known and cared for. They both have people who care about them and love them. But they also have people that make fun of them and comment on what they do or look like, just because they are doing different things that most other people would not do.

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