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Masters in public health

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I have come to a point in life that many people have not.  I have made a firm decision to recommit myself to pursuing my dreams.  While there are those who believe that with an ounce of luck and a ton of persistence anything can be accomplished, I believe that there is no reason to expend so much energy and rely on luck.  I believe in taking hold of my destiny and carving out a future for myself based on the decisions that I make in life.

  Life is simply too short and too precious to be left to luck alone.  This is why I have chosen to apply for this masters program in public health.

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Masters in public health
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Having completed my medical school studies in India, I have had the opportunity to work as a houseman at a surgical hospital for two (2) years.  I also took this opportunity to review for my USMLE exams in order to be qualified to take my post grad in medicine in the United States.

  However, I found that I was drawn more to the other health related aspects such as public health administration.  I realized that my previous work experiences have made me more aware of the basic health issues that surround the medical profession as well as the problems with the system.  As such, I have decided that my skills and talents would be best served by devoting my career to Public Health.

This realization allowed me to see just how I can reach my full potential and also how I can steer my career towards the successful pursuit of this endeavor.  I have worked on several projects in connection with the World Health Organization (WHO) in India.  My task on these projects was to monitor and supervise the Polio Drive that was being undertaken in that area.  I was also tasked with providing periodic updates to the Officer in Charge of the WHO.  Aside from this, I have also worked in different rural health centers, exploring the side of administration in public health as well as the difficulties affecting the public health system in India.  On top of this, I have even conducted health camps for kindergarten schools in my area in an effort to raise medical awareness and garner support for this cause.

Pursuing my career in public health is just the first step in my plan.  I would like to have the opportunity to take a bigger role in making the world a better place to live.  My main philosophy in life is to lead by setting an example. I cannot expect others to do what I myself would be willing to do but that does not mean that I cannot hope that others will see the example that I have shown them.  This philosophy is one of the many forces that drive me to pursue my dream of pursuing a career in public health and of becoming so much more in life.  The chance to help those who are less fortunate in life, the chance to help those in need, the opportunity to be of service to humanity; these are the reasons why I have selected this field as the profession that I will pursue; for, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…”

I have always wanted to help change the world.  As a child, I believed that if everyone did their own little part in taking that extra step to help others, the world would be a much better place for everyone.  The stark reality of it all hit me not long after that but it did not lessen my resolve.  I figured that if so many people I knew did not want to do their part in changing the world then I would probably have to do their share.  This is where my motivation to pursue public health comes from; the drive to go the extra mile just to make a difference in this world.  There are few jobs and professions that are as rewarding as medicine.  While other jobs may get more publicity, the role that public health professionals play in the health care industry is highly valued and appreciated.  My motivation has to do with the fact that this profession is one of the ways by which I am able to do something that I really want to do in my life and that is to care and help other people.

The world is fast becoming a borderless place.  Cultures, races, beliefs and ideologies blend together and interact because of the growing advances in communications.  In order to succeed in this world, one needs to be able to adapt to the various cultural differences as well as be able to maintain a certain sense of individual identity.  My former school did not have the same diversity that I see environment where cultural diversity is promoted.  This is a very important factor for me since media deals with people from all walks of life.  Being exposed to the culture diversity at this educational institution would be advantageous in pursuing my career in public health.  This is the reason why I have applied for this masters program because it is the only way that I will be able to pursue this career.

It is said that the one thing that nobody can ever take away from you is your education.  From a business standpoint I can confidently say that I am a good investment.  It has been said that one’s education is something that will never decline in value and will always be an asset in life.  That being said, I feel that the best way to succeed in life is to protect that educational asset.  I strongly believe that getting the proper education from a University such as (insert name of university) will not only protect that asset but also enhance its value.  The education, training and network that I expect to be able to gain during my years of study at this outstanding educational institution will surely provide me with a very bright future; provided of course that I will be given the opportunity to do so.

While I personally believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch” and that everything a person has in life must come from hard work and perseverance.  There are those, however, who are unfortunate in life and therefore I also believe in helping others who do not have much in life.  I believe in helping people regardless of their nation, race or creed.  I believe in being a better person so I can best help myself and others around me.  I believe that this academic environment is the best place for me to turn these beliefs into realities.  I am fully aware of the significance of being considered for acceptance, and I am sincerely grateful for your time and consideration of my application.

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