Math Everyday Essay

 The field of mathematics is mainly characterized by the intricate study of natural relationships and logical events through the employing the symbolism of numbers. Under the first perception, mathematics is mainly the scientific system of number arrangements and equation however, these numbers represent an actual empirical observable event. As such, the field of math becomes the study of logical relationships on the practical  environment through the representation of equations and numerical algorithms.

As math represents actual and observable relationships on the natural environment, each formulas and algorithms in the said field are derive from observed occurrences in each natural relationship.

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To further explain this concept, consider the present mathematical formula explaining the relationship between population growth and the quality of social services. This formula states that population growth is directly related to the quality of social services as both represented by numerical equation. This formula was mainly developed through the continuous observation of the relationship between the two named factors.

On the practical view, better social services will result to increase in the population. This is due to the fact that with the improvement of the social services, the concerns of the people are being given clear attention by the officials involved in bettering the lives of the society, hence allowing for better lifestyle and better choices of living for the entire population especially regarding health and life services. Through this, strengthening the population growth becomes possible.Reference:Michael Sheppard.

(2004). Appraising and Using Social Research in the Human Services: An Introduction for Social Work and Health Professionals.  Jessica Kingsley Publishers; 1 edition.  

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