Mayan Creation Myth: Popol Vuh Essay


Mayan Creation Myth: Popol Vuh

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Mayan Creation Myth: Popol Vuh
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The Mayan creation myth of Popol Vuh describes the creation of man by the Gods - Mayan Creation Myth: Popol Vuh Essay introduction. The Aztec Gods: Sovereign Plumed Serpent, Heart of Sky, the Maker, the Modeler, the Bearers, and Begetters created the world and filled it with mountains, plants and animals.

They wanted the animals to worship them but the animals were unable to speak and reason so the Gods decided to make human beings. The human beings would appreciate the Gods work and ensure that they were remembered on the earth.

The Gods tried three different times to create humans that they were pleased with and twice, they failed. The first humans were flimsy and doll-like and dissolved in water so the Gods let them all dissolve so they could try again.

The second humans were not much better, they were more intelligent but not enough to praise the Gods and appreciate their work. They walked and talked but did not make sense and wandered aimlessly. The Gods were still not happy and destroyed these humans also.

The third time the humans were beautiful and very smart. They knew everything the Gods knew and could see everything the Gods saw. The Gods were anxious about this, thinking that perhaps the humans would become their equals in deeds and knowledge, so they changed them to make them not quite to smart or God-like. This was exactly what the Gods wanted, since the humans now appreciated and praised their work and would keep the names of the Gods in their history so they were not forgotten.

The God basically wanted people to admire them and so, made the humans just smart enough to do that but not smart enough to be exactly like the Gods themselves.



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