Mayan VS Aztec Essay

Mayan VS Aztec

In the history of human development, there have existed numerous societies in the past that signifies the gradual development of the human civilization - Mayan VS Aztec Essay introduction. The human civilization strives to develop and progress through conquering their environment and utilizing the available resources for their survival and progress. Human beings become capable of this because of their innate abilities to adapt and cultivate knowledge towards their advantage and benefits. Included in theses ancient civilizations are the primitive cultures of the Mayans and Aztecs.

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Mayan VS Aztec
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In the study of the ancient America, the civilizations of Mayan and Aztecs manifest a significant role as the turning point of dawn of cultural and social awareness. These two societies primarily started the development of cultural awareness and the pursuit of knowledge towards social progress. However, a critical comparison of these two ancient cultures will state the inquisition regarding the most advance of the two. Through considering the condition, accomplishment, and civilization of the two mentioned societies, one would conclude that the Mayan society is indeed superior to the other.

Through analyzing the culture of the Mayan civilization, it is a more evident to say that their society is more advanced and superior to the other. Their civilization has accomplished several contemporary aspects such as art, which is viewed by the scientific societies to be among the most advanced in the modern ancient era. Their people discovered the use of ceramics, pottery and others in their social and religious aspects. Their city has an architectural and urban design, which is made up of advanced materials such as limestone, thatch, adobe, and wooden poles. Regarding their academic, the Mayans are also considered to be the first to have established the advance educational institution that has writing proficiency. Their people have utilized writing and reading materials through the development of their phonetic and logogram language, writing materials composed of brushes, quills and inks, mathematics, astronomy, and other subjects. In general, the ancient civilization of the Mayan is considered to be among the most advanced and possible the culturally superior society of the modern ancient period.

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