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I would have the left over 1 million dollars spent on a low budget advertising campaign to raise funds for the furtherance of education for the less fortunate members of society—that is, the city’s poor - Mayor low budget advertising campaign introduction. This will primarily involve scholarships for those who would like to pursue their studies but cannot afford to do so, particularly children/young adults who are not in school



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The centralization of the campaign would be designated to a local charitable institution. The campaign would involve advertisements run in local newspapers, the local television channel, and some print ads, raising an awareness of the situation of poor youth who cannot afford higher education.


Perhaps also of consideration would be the education of the city’s homeless. One of the factors in homelessness is also a lack of education, and hence the inability to secure jobs. But by education I do not mean a standard academic education, as the homeless would have little use for such—they would more importantly need to have homes first. The mentioned “education” would involve making them aware of potential work that they can do, and other possibilities open to them, to elevate themselves—practical, real world education, in other words, to help them rise from the vicious circle of ignorance, discouragement, maltreatment, and poverty. Basically it would be an effort to get the homeless to help themselves—not just individually, but with cooperation.


The goals of the campaign would be programs that can generate jobs, community  classes/programs, and scholarships.


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