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Applying Marketing in Your MBA Career


MBA degree enables me to exercise a set of professional skills and know how at market place - MBA Career & Improvement Agenda for a Developing Organization Essay introduction. Getting degree is one thing and having it applied to get a right career path is another aspects. After I get qualified and now ready to take off for the right career, you must plan, organize and act accordingly. Remember that job market is full of MBAs like competition is highly intense and you have to prove you are better than your competition.. To make my self stand out in this cluttered situation requires some extra efforts and I have to identify my marketing strategy to achieve my career goal. Secondly, I must consider the competitors and their strengths. Focus on adding more value to my presentation and profile that would make a difference in interviewers’ mind.

“The secret of walking on water is knowing where the stones are.” I will try to apply my learned skills in following fashion:

Planning: In planning phase I will plan my career path in the light of my skills, attitude, aptitude and future goals. I will list down my life objectives, will divid them into yearly objectives and then will plan a reasonable career path as per my major in MBA.

I have marketing major; I will plan in which marketing, sales, distributions, promotion or advertising I would like to join.  Then I will list the names of main industries and companies working in my planned areas.


Organizing: After that, in next step I will be organizing my CV with complete professional and presentable contents. I will also try to develop my presentation skills to improve my impression over interview table. I will find the ways and resources to know where vacancies are. I will utilize my resources and will try to get maximum information about job market.  I will ask my friends, relatives, business acquaintance to let me know if they find any information about my relevant job. I will search from data sources, company websites, newspapers, notice boards, job banks and employment agencies, the information agencies to find job information. And will be ready to appear in an interview at a short notice.


Marketing: After that the phase is marketing. Marketing for my career will be of two types. First sending applications and applying for the jobs and second giving interview. I will work on both aspects.

I will also visit different job markets, tradeshows, and company office to introduce myself and market my good image among employers.


Implementing: I will implement all my learning at all levels of marketing my career. While planning, organizing and controlling I will be careful and alert and will avoid any mistakes those can cause mistake and spoil my image. Hope to find the best implementation tips while doing application too.

Interviews, follow-ups and cold calls will also be used to ensure my proper implantation and working on my career.







Public Relation Problem

Maintaining the high number of members

“God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it’s me.”(Anon). In fact, all people think and behave differently, the one who understands this can develop win-win relationship with people and one who cannot keeps losing people. Wining an argument and losing a customer or person is never a wise decision. That is why public relation activities are highly focused among moderns successful businesses.  Many times PR activities fail due to following reasons:

·         Lack of planning, concern & vision

·         Careless application

·         Lost focus on customer care & satisfaction

·         Personal Disliking or Behavioral Problems

A good PR executive must not take things for granted, and number of customers is decreasing and company is losing its repute, market share or goodwill; PR activities must run to rectify the situation on immediate basis. Some of the acts, a PR manager should talk in dire need are described blow. In the words of Bruce Barton “Be genuine, be simple, be brief, talk to people in language that they understand and finally and most of all, be persistent.”

As an Executive VP Public Relation, development is my responsibility and prime concern. I will design my PR campaign from the beginning and will focus on main these points.

Market place studies: Studies at market place, to identify customer needs and our improvement areas, are very important. We have planned different opinion polls, interviews, research surveys to explore the depth of PR problems and identify new fronts of business development.
Breakthrough new products: Product speaks much about itself, very similar to the famous proverb, “actions speak louder than words.” My focus will be to urge my people develop and produce highly innovative products and services in first step. Existing product lines, we will also modify and modernize. Once the break through products are in market, from the very beginning of introduction stage it will create its own PR among prospects and consumers.
Cause related promotion: My next step will be to promote the product with specific marketing mindset. Product features and use for a certain product will be focused and we will promote individual products based on a cause and for a specific marketing objective. Our causes may include promoting a certain theme, introducing new use of product, introducing product to new users. General awareness campaigns about the products will also used for the weak product having big potential market but lesser market share.

Community relation: In combination with cause related promotion, we will design and implement various community relation building campaigns in those areas where the PR problem is intense or our product share is very low. Community based activities involving local members and families will be organized. On certain events, occasions and public days these community relation activities will be highly successful in developing good image of our company.
Create positive publicity opportunities: Wherever possible on local, national and international forums, according to our market needs. We will make specialised publicity efforts by involving our own publicity and PR department, related media men and various celebrities and spokesperson.

Event sponsorship: Sponsoring different events where target customers participate is another idea for enhancing PR impact of our company. We can target different sports events, exhibitions, public shows or concerts for this purpose. Event sponsorship will further benefit our company by giving new prospects and will further awareness about company among masses. If budget and policy permit, we can sponsor series of events covering the entire target market area.

Fact sheet: Our company is a reputed company in its concerned field and enjoys a long term standing in market. We plan to publish, promote and highlight remarkable facts about our company. For this purpose, we will redesign and modernize the fact sheet of company. In fact sheet our focus will be on company’s history, valuable business network, quality control, research and development efforts, and company’s contributions towards society and environment. This fact sheet will include various unique attributes of our company, our famous brands, our innovations, our success stories and the points of differentiation between our company and rest of the market.
Guest opinion editorial: In our company’s newsletters, international publications and in our external public communications we plan to add comments and opinions of our regular and new customers from different demographic segments. This will strengthen the brand image and will help us in developing strong brand identities in long run. On other hand, rapport with customer will also enhance.

Press conferences: We plan to conduct selective number of press conferences too. Especially at the time of product launch, company’s annual celebrations, or whenever any specific problem arises. Press conferences are a good method to remain in media with a stronger impact. Such activities do not cost a lot but their impact is very strong if conducted properly.

Radio presentations/ interview: With popularity of FM radio, radio got new spree of popularity. Majority of people listen to FM and other bands while driving or traveling. Radio messages can create a good opportunity to reach maximum customers in a time when they are ready to hear your message. We plan to voice our presentations, interviews, customer opinions and focus groups on radio channel with an objective to enhance the business credibility and public relation.

Web monitoring and posting: According to various studies and survey reports, buying online is increasing day by day. Rate of growth in online selling is significantly higher than the growth in traditional retail selling. We have intensive plan of promoting our company, products and PR through website and relating activities. Search engine submission, banner and link exchange, promotion through portals, relevant promotional content writing and search engine optimization are few tools we will apply for this purpose.

Business letters: We will send specially designed personalized business letters to selected prospect groups to enhance the image of company and its products & services. Such letters will include company fact sheets, a message from company and introduction of specific products, services or causes.
“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity; they seem more afraid of life than of death.” (James F. Bynes). As a professional PR executive I am confident and ambitious for right and strong actions to correct PR problems of my company.























Herb Cohen, the author of  “You Can Negotiate Anything”


Bruce Barton, the co-founder of advertising agency, Batten, Durstine & Osborn. Inc.


Socrates (469–399 BC) Athenian philosopher. Apology (Plato)


James F. Bynes, Former U.S. Secretary of State


Philip Kotler, “Marketing Management”, 12e



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