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Mba Thesis Format

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Those students enrolled in Thesis Writing (Proposal and Final stages) as of third trimester SY 2006-07 are advised to follow this format including the style guidelines as per lecture of Dr. Alice T. Valerio last January 27, 2007. Please note the explanations to some items and hyperlink to sample pages. Most importantly, this format has been discussed under Business Research Techniques starting on third trimester SY 2006-07. Hence, thesis writers would already know how to write each section. Suggested Format for MBA Thesis PRELIMINARY PAGES Title Page Title – short (length is 10-12 words); reflective of the content, problem, and the main variables to be studied; free of value judgment; should be written in inverted pyramid boldface, and capital letters • Author’s Name / Month and Year of Completion • Institutional Affiliation Deed of Declaration Approval Sheet Biographical Sketch Acknowledgment Abstract – brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the manuscript or synthesis of the study which includes the objectives, methodology, highlights of the results, conclusions, and recommendations)

Table of Contents List of Tables List of Figures List of Appendixes Tables List of Appendix Figures CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION – gives the background of the project and the rationale for conducting the study Background of the Study – Should be the platform for the significance of the study – Should identify information gap – May cite at most five authorities Statement of the Problem – identifies the research gaps – justifies the conduct of the study – states the questions that the study hopes to answer – serves as a guide in formulating the specific objectives

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Objectives of the Study – states the general and specific objectives – should be consistent with the problem – should be clearly stated and logically presented Hypotheses of the Study – states the researcher’s expectations concerning the relationships between the variables in the research problem Significance of the Study – points out the vital contribution of the results of the study and who will benefit from it.

Scope and Limitations of the Study sets the delimitations and establishes the boundaries of the study (delimits the study in terms of size and area of coverage) – states what the study will not cover or will not do – identifies the weaknesses and constraints which may affect the results of the study Definition of Terms – includes conceptual and/or operational definitions – hanging indention and alphabetically arranged II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE – consists of both the research nd conceptual literatures but more on the former (at least 60 %) subsections can be included, which are based on objectives.

All subtopics must be italicized and boldly written. – references must be properly cited in all paragraphs using author/year format. (Please see APA for the detailed format). – rules on paragraphing must be strictly followed. A paragraph should have at least two sentences. It should not be too long. – should consist of at least 10 pages III THEORETICAL /CONCEPTUAL/OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK discusses the theories linking the topic to the available body of knowledge – presents relationships between different specific constructs the researcher wants to study – specifies the relationships between and among variables – may consist of a combination of mathematical, graphical, and/or diagrammatical presentations IV METHODOLOGY – describes how the study was conducted Research Design – specifies whether descriptive, causal/explanatory, correlational, comparative, exploratory, evaluative or combination of two or more designs

Sources of Data – specifies the sources of primary and/or secondary data Method of Data Collection/Data Collection Procedure – indicates the sampling procedures (if primary data) and the data collection methods such as survey, questionnaire, and others Analytical Procedures/Methods of Analysis – indicates the most appropriate statistical tools used in analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data – mathematical expressions must be italicized and numbered accordingly – all models/equations must be properly numbered all major/key variables must be properly measured/categorized indicating their specific units of measure. The sources of formulas must be indicated in the text. V RESULTS AND DISCUSSION – summarizes the data collected and the statistical results in sufficient detail to justify conclusions – uses tables and graphs to supplement the text – all figures must be numbered consecutively with their labels written below the figures – the allowable font sizes for the figures are 10-14.

All figures must be placed immediately after the page where a particular figure number is mentioned. All figures must be well explained in the text and all figure numbers must be mentioned properly in the text. – includes information about the obtained magnitude or value of the test statistic, degree of freedom, probability, and the direction of the effect – evaluates/interprets the implications of the original hypothesis – emphasizes any theoretical consequences of the results and compares results with the work of others) subtopics and their sequencing must follow the specific objectives of the study – mostly in the past tense; some are in the present tense VI SUMMARY, CONCLUSIONS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS Summary Conclusions Recommendations BIBLIOGRAPHY – should be alphabetically arranged – all the references cited in the text must be included in this section APPENDIXES – may include verbatim instructions to participants; original scales or questionnaires, and raw data; statistical calculations; and instrument used. CV (Optional)

FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMER DEMAND FOR GENERIC DRUGS IN DASMARINAS, CAVITE A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Business De La Salle University-Dasmarinas Dasmarinas, Cavite In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration CLODUALDO S. NARCISO, JR. March 2008 DEED OF DECLARATION I, __________________________________, hereby submit my research paper for oral defense, entitled _____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ and truthfully declare that the above-titled paper is a product of my original research investigation.

I further declare that, should the school eventually discover that a substantial portion of my paper is lifted, in toto, from original sources, using exactly the words of the author in more than 50% of the whole content, I reserve the right to De La Salle University-Dasmarinas to recall my MBA Diploma and cancel the degree granted to me. Signed this day of __________________________ at De La Salle University-Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines. ___________________________ MBA Candidate APPROVAL SHEET This Management Research Paper for repared and submitted by (student’s name) in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration – (Program title) has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval for ORAL EXAMINATION, Adviser Approved by the Committee on Oral Examination with a grade of PASSED on (date) | | | |Member |Member | Chairman

Accepted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Business Administration – Executive Program. | | | |OIC Director, CBA Graduate Studies |Dean, CBA | BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH (1-2 pages) iii ACKNOWLEDGMENT iv ABSTRACT NARCISO, C. S. , JR. , Factors Influending Demand for Generic Drugs in Dasmarinas, Cavite. Master of Business Administration, De La Salle Univeristy-Dasmarinas, Cavite, March 2008.

This study was an attempt to determine the .  Statement of the Problem The government has been exerting its efforts … (3 spaces) Objectives of the Study (2 spaces) The study generally aimed to … (Cite here both the general and specific objectives) (3 spaces) Hypotheses of the Study 2 spaces) The following hypotheses were tested in the study: 1. 2. (3 spaces) Significance of the Study The results of this study will be of significant value to a number of sectors in society which are the key actors… (3 spaces) Scope and Limitations of the Study ( 3 spaces) Definition of Terms (( 2 spaces all throughout the section) Branded medicine refers to a medicine manufactured by a licensed holder currently protected or has been protected by a patent. Consumer refers to the potential user of medicines. Generic drugs refers to medicines with the same active ingredients and the same osage forms as those of the original/branded medicines but manufactured by different licensed holders. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE (4 spaces or 2 double spaces) CHAPTER III THEORETICAL/CONCEPTUAL/OPERATIONAL FRAMEWORK (4 spaces) CHAPTER IV METHODOLOGY Research Design (2 spaces) The study will utilize both descriptive and causal research designs. The research problems and objectives posed at the beginning of the study will be answered through a descriptive research design. The design will focus on describing the respondents’ personal and family profile as well as their perceptions towards generic drugs.

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