McHaney Brings Back Jenkins’ A Gent From Bear Creek Essay

Saddle up, pards, and ride the range with one of Robert E - McHaney Brings Back Jenkins’ A Gent From Bear Creek Essay introduction. Howard’s greatest characters, Breckinridge Elkins.

This is the novel version of A Gent From Bear Creek, first published in 1937 in London by Herbert Jenkins, and the rarest and most valuable Howard book ever published.  Howard’s dream was to have a book of his work published. Sadly, he did not get to see it, but you can in this exact repint of this of this rare Howard book.

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McHaney Brings Back Jenkins’ A Gent From Bear Creek
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The book was first reprinted in facsimile form by Donald M. Grant in the sixties, but every reprinting of it since then has been edited. McHaney’s version restores the original Jenkins text.

The original dust jacket is reproduced on this edition. There are only a handful of original dust jackets in existence, most of them in libraries in England.

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