McHaney’s The Book of The Howard Review Essay

Dennis McHaney has just released The Book of the Howard Review for sale on the website - McHaney’s The Book of The Howard Review Essay introduction. A limited proof edition of this book was given to contributors and proofreaders last year. With the exception of a few minor changes, this new edition is identical to the proof edition. This comprehensive collection of the best of The Howard Review and other McHaney publications is licensed by REH Properties. There is a ton of great material in this anthology making it well worth the paltry cover price. The volume is edited by Dennis McHaney and features a cover painting by J. Allen St. John.

Also just out from McHaney, is a trade paperback edition of A Gent From Bear Creek. This is the novel version of Gent, first published by British publisher Herbert Jenkins in 1937, and the rarest and most valuable Howard book ever published. McHaney reproduces the original Jenkins cover on the paperback. The dust jacket is very rare — only a few are known to exist — Glenn Lord’s copy is the only one in the States that has one. The hardcover edition, which was published about a year ago, is also available; you can order the softcover edition of Gent here.

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