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Short Autobiographical Information Till 8th Grade

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Well I guess this is an autobiography about me, written by me, so I will try to make it as boring as I can so you don’t get to interested in my overly exiting life.

Well, I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania at approximately 3:05 in the afternoon and I was 5lb. 3oz. The doctor said I would always be a small, quiet kid, but boy did I disappoint him. I guess you could say I was a little wild when I was small, but not very.

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Short Autobiographical Information Till 8th Grade
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(Lolololol, ya right.)

I have lived in many different places in my exiting life, and have visited many as well. Hear are some of the places I have been to: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Canada, Pennsylvania, New York, L.A., San Francisco, London, England, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Idaho, Oregon, San Diego, Florida, Utah, Ohio, Georgia, Grease, ext. ext. ext.

Though out my life I would say I was a pretty fun going and humorous guy.

I always wanted to play and have fun, hell what can I say I still always do! But when I was 7-8 years old I was the devil. I would hit people and yell and through things. I was just not a pleasant one to be around. But as I grew older I got a lot better. When I started to do badly in school it was around the beginning of second grade. Think the fact that I was young and had a racist teacher was part of it. There were 4 dark skinned kids besides me and believe it or not we were the 4 best in the class, but the teacher didn’t think so. She would put us down and get us in trouble like there was no tomorrow. She would give every one 30min. to do an assignment, and for the same assignment she would give us four, only 5min. to do it and if we weren’t done we would get sent to the office, which was practically every day. Our parents’ complained and blah, blah, blah, and us four got moved to a non-racial school.

Nothing special in 3rd grade, or 4th, or even 5th. Then there was 6th my most hated year I was not liked by anybody I was made fun of constantly to my face and pushed around I was a total loner and loser. That is one of the reasons I don’t make fun of people that much because I really know how it feels.

In 7th, things did not improve much I was still hated by mostly every one, but things cooled down with the teasing.

Then 8th grade, the year I would say, of my resurrection! This is my most loved year and will always be my most loved year for the rest of my life. This is the year I became the king of Kennewick, and then on to soon became the king of the tri-cities. Till now I don’t know what I did for every body to love me so much, but what ever it was I must have done it pretty damn good! Lol.

My life now is excellent thank you very much, and I enjoy every thing about it, and I enjoy where I am in life, and my status in life, and I am also pleased to have met a very beautiful girl named Jessica which I am going to lunch with this Wednesday, and I also promise to strive to do better in life and in general, good bye.

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