Meaning of Gravepine

To hear information through the grapevine is to learn of something informally and unofficially by some sort of gossip or rumor. Grapevines exist is many different organizations. They are formed by individuals and groups within these organizations. These people usually have a common link or something similar that ties them together in some way. Grapevines typically spread information very quickly but most of the time, the information is not verified or accurate.

No matter what workplace or organization you belong to, grapevines, rumors and gossip will always exist. One organization in particular in my personal life would be my workplace. I currently work for an Architect and Engineering firm located in downtown Chicago with roughly over 300 employees. You will find the cluster pattern mostly within this organization. One person will tell another that they may be friends or close to within the firm and the cycle continues form that point. Much like high School, this firm has its circles of friends and associates.

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Within my work place, I tend to be to myself and focused on getting my job done and using any spare time to complete homework assignments for my graduate program. I may have some co-workers I may relate to better than other but for the most part; I keep my personal information to myself. Recently, I filled out a form for hr that needed information about my beneficiary. I placed my son’s information on the form and expected nothing of it but soon one by one, co-workers were approaching me in shock about the fact that I have a son.

I married young, got divorced 3 years ago after 9 years of dating and 3 years of marriage. I could not believe the hr specialist reported this information to other people who told their personal friends within our work place and the questions continued to come. This is a great example of a cluster grapevine within my organization. The strengths are shown in how fast the information traveled and the weaknesses are shown through how the message changed from each employee that approached me. The probability pattern is also another pattern you will find within my workplace.

During a meeting some weeks ago, I was informed that we will be getting a bonus and a raise this December. This was great news so I decided to inform a selected few that I knew would appreciate the information. This information was passed from me to them with hopes that they will continue to be productive and help themselves when the time comes for their raise. I recently was informed that other people know about the raise now by the originals that I mentioned it to but this will not get back to upper management because these individual random people are still within the same circle.

This topic has been coming up in random conversations but I find this information beneficial and something that most employees appreciate knowing ahead of time for future planning. The weakness of this grapevine is the fact that this information won’t reach most people or the people that may need it more than others because it is a random pattern. The strengths are shown by employees that normally wouldn’t hear about helpful information like this having a greater chance. In this pattern, there is no definite way of communication and the message is randomly passed along to anyone willing to listen to it.

An example of the gossip pattern would be one particular co-worker that uses every moment, lunch break and outing to discuss what she thinks is inappropriate behavior between two married directors within the firm. I have witnessed this particular employee telling multiple people about this supposed relationship, emails, trips and any other information that she knows about these two individuals. The strengths with the gossip pattern are shown through how the message is being delivered to a mass majority over a short period of time.

The weakness is shown in how the message will change from person to person as it continues to travel. This type of pattern will contribute to information that may be totally false seeming true or just plain spreading gossip. This pattern in particular is wide ranged, meaning anyone and everyone will be receiving the message. I found the probability pattern to be most effective and less damaging within my organization. The information was not delivered to everyone within the organization and it wasn’t delivered to enough people for the message to be horribly changed as it traveled from one to another.

The advantages show how grapevines can help create social bonds, fill in gaps of missing information that may be needed by most and how it can also keep people honest or on the right path by fearing what information would get out to the organization. The disadvantages are shown by how the message changes every time with information quickly evolving into rumors and sometimes rumors may come off as being true through grapevines which could destroy someone’s reputation and even their life. [pic]

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