Media and the Political Process Essay

Media and the Political Process


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Media and the Political Process
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Television has changed the way people look at the world - Media and the Political Process Essay introduction. Part of the reason for this is that television has the ability to shape political opinion in a manner that no other form of media is capable. Because of this, television is at a distinct advantage over its competing mediums.

When it comes to the political process, there is a unique interrelation between the political structure and the media. Because most media outlets have political agendas to support (the myth of an unbiased media was destroyed a decade ago), the powers to be in the political process hold a great deal of sway on much of what the media reports. No, those not mean that the media is beholden to politicians, as the media has a great deal of power to make or break a politician, but it does mean that powerful political figures do have a great deal of sway with the media in terms of getting a clear and complete message across.

Now, each individual media has its own positives and negatives. Print media has a huge advantage in targeting an educated audience. Radio has the advantage of targeting a specific demographic. Internet captures the youth market. Television is able to reach the widest audience.

While all forms of media have their benefits, television remains the most powerful and influential of all as it can reach the greatest and widest audience, hence making a politician or political issue known to the bulk of the nation. Such impact can never be understated and, honestly, should never be understated.








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