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Hocking Hills State Park is in the Southern east Ohio - Media Mix introduction. It is a park that boasts a large variety of natural sites such as hills, caves and lakes. It therefore allows its visitors to experience and enjoy many different recreational activities such as camping, bird watching, trekking, picnicking, fishing etc. They have also created other facilities such as swimming pool, spa, volley ball court etc for staying visitors. (Heart of Ohio 2007). The park promotes itself through periodic campaigns on print-media and television. It also has a comprehensive website and a large amount of promotional literature about it on the internet. The park also promotes itself through travel and tourism agencies.



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The job at hand is to advise the management of the park about what media mix should they use to advertise the park that is the various media channels that should be used for most effective advertising strategy (Gureskin 1989). The park has various facilities that can become interesting target marketing campaigns.


Examples are its bird watching facilities and its wedding site. Campaigns can be run on these specific facilities with a target market strategy through television, print-media and internet advertising. For example their wedding site can be advertised on the Wedding Channel portal on the internet while the bird watching facilities can be promoted on Animal Planet. Also the media channels used for advertising should be changed every couple of weeks. For example the wedding site promotion can be done through some magazines and the bird watching facilities can be promoted on travel and tourist site. In conclusion the park should use separate media mix for each recreational products emphasizing on the amount of penetration the media has in the relevant market segment.


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