Media Politics

College is usually the time to discover people and cultures, philosophies and art forms, secrets of the world, explore the truth and eventually help in making a difference - Media Politics introduction. It is the time to be truly and utterly free. However, this freedom is slowly being taken away from college students. Tyrant forces are changing the history and presenting it in such a malicious way that students may start viewing the future differently.

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It is true that when our generation entered the world we were never directly involved in barbarities against humankind, deforestation, globalization, environmental damages, extinction of species or global warming.  Nevertheless, we cannot forget that everything we own from our cars to our computers were made from the exploitation and plunder of capitalism.

Our wealth comes from a country that enslaved Africans in history and continues to do so by means of its deep rooted racism and racial cleansing. We never cheered when the U.S incinerated thousands in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, to this day, we allow the rulers of this country to pile up on nukes to launch mass destruction on others in the future. Finally, it wasn’t us who authorized George Bush to wage wars, repress people and fascistically remake the United States. But, it was all done in the American citizen’s name and for his honor.

It is easy to say that we never had the control to stop any of these immoral activities. But, to the world these crimes are partly our fault. The fact that we don’t do anything to change the present really means that these brutalities will continue in the future and people will continue to resent us.

It is easy to use the achievements, education, talents of young people to join in the global plunder. Or, to use the same abilities to resist unjust authority, expose lies and crimes of the U.S government, stop the war, erase racism, and shatter the oppression of gay people and women, take part in change and make the world a better place. The choice is for students to make. In order for change, students must be allowed to resist and campaign on campuses and not succumb to the indoctrination of imperialists. The world is crying out for some justice and young people should not be the ones looking away from it.

This article deals with how the American thought process is being controlled. According to the results of the Washington Post-ABC News poll, Americans incorrectly believe that Iraq used weapons of mass destruction and Saddam Hussein had personal involvement in the 9/11 attacks. These false beliefs are a result of system of thought control called as ideological hegemony. Hegemony is perpetrated through the educational system, media, newspeak etc. Ruling classes have used hegemony throughout history through ideology and/or violence to maintain their power. The United States uses more of ideology to persuade people rather than violence.

Ideological hegemony operates in a way that capitalism, private property, the state, imperialism are never questioned. This results in division of thought into liberalism on one end and conservativism on the other. Dissatisfied citizens are likely to draw various reforms, vote for different politicians instead of trying to overthrow the corrupt system. Such values born out of hegemony system are transmitted to coming generations intentionally or unintentionally and explicitly or implicitly. Since people are allowed to criticize government in the United States it starts appearing to masses that the system is freer and open.

Media reinforces hegemony by emphasizing facts consistent “with the liberal-conservative spectrum”. Media is owned by the same ruling elites therefore they choose what they want people to see and believe. Many examples can be found from history where the media whitewashed the truth for their own benefit. Bad aspects of governance are censored or untold to the masses.

Education system strengthens hegemony by teaching the population to obey authority and indoctrinate fundamental principles from the start. This enables the elite to rule without any resistance. The system encourages emotional and intellectual dependency but no independent thought.

The structure of our language is constructed in a way that hegemony is written into it to further the agendas of the elite. This phenomenon is known as newspeak and works in many different ways. These include giving terms of political discussion an ‘official’ dictionary definition; using euphemisms; making terms difficult to understand; giving government an overly broad definition or giving a bad name to anarchy. Any idea which is outside liberal-conservative spectrum is dismissed as extremist, biased or un-objective.

This website exposes those controversial issues which are hidden by the general media. The first new story is about the debate on the future of internet. Advocate of net neutrality are against the regulation of the internet content. This will result in cable companies being allowed to filter internet content, internet becoming more expensive and giant cable companies holding a monopoly.

The second story is about the genocide taking place in Congo because of its Coltan and niobium resources. These raw materials are necessary for the production of cell phones and other electronics. Multinationals have committed crimes such as “extortion, rape, massacres, and bribery” in Congo in an attempt to mine maximum resources out of Congo.
Another hidden story highlighted is about the Iraqi and Afghanistan detainees being tortured to death during interrogation by U.S operatives. The Bush administration continues to widen the policy regarding torture. They also send them to those countries which have perfected the art of torture.
The website also revealed the World Bank intentions of funding the Palestine-Israel wall. The wall will be built on Palestinian land and their people will be evicted from the area. Those dispossessed will be put to work at low wages. This will lead to an economic colonialism in the future for the Palestinians. Jews will become a demographic majority and ethnically superior. U.N violations will take place as much as possible. Palestinians will be coerced into accepting this plan.

Pentagon’s plan of building new landmines was exposed in another story on this website. U.S made a U-turn in their policy of antipersonnel landmine policy in February 2004. It abandoned the plan to join the Ottawa Convention or the Mine Ban Treaty.


International criminal court recently saw Ecuador and Mexico defying the U.S by refusing to sign bilateral immunity agreements (BIA). They both alleged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty. U.S is withholding economic aid so that the countries succumb to their advantage. This will further alienate the United States.

A story not paid attention to the media is the refutation of 9/11 made by the physicist Steven E. Jones. He claims that the collapse was impossible according to laws of physics. The WTC 7, a forty-seven-story building collapsed in the same manner as the other building even though it was not hit by planes. WTC 7 was home to all U.S offices such as the Secret Service, the Department of Defense etc. It was the use of secret explosives rather than the planes that resulted in the WTC collapse.
The last news story is about U.S military in Paraguay threatening the neighboring region. Both country officials have denied this report.  However, evidence found portrays U.S trying to build a strategic and military stronghold in this region.

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