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The article, “Russia in Defense warning to U.S.” was reported online by BBC News and then reprinted on another site named  The first BBC News is a well known media conglomerate located in the U.K - Media source comparison Essay introduction. the other is a more radical viewed website by Alex Jones.  He is a syndicated radio journalist and a documentary film maker with more than fifteen films to his credit.  He also has a weekly radio show with a good following.

In the articles Russian President Vladimir Putin discusses why there was a decision to halt a recent defense treaty.  And it was because of concerns over the United States efforts to place missiles shields inside Poland directed at Russia.  Mr.Putin in the article stated, “Nato states are exploiting the situation to increase their military presence near Russia”.  He also mentions foreign money that comes into Russia that interferes with internal affairs of the state in the disguise of democracy. The implications seem to be pointed towards the United States.  Condoleezza Rice in the article dismisses Russia’s concerns as “ludicrous”.

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When looking at the two media sources I was that the BBC News was more of an unbiased article. When it was placed on the Alex Jones site a summary of the article preceded the actual reprint.  In that summary I notice only two small phrases the led the reader to believe that Russians Mr. Putun asserted aggression.  The first phrase was in the articles, second sentence and the phrase was, “made the threat” and in the third sentence the phrase “also hit out”.

If comparing the sites deciding how reputable and reliable a source would be I would have to choose BBC News.  Its reputation is well known around the world and their sources are impeccable. The other site I came across just while researching for this paper and the undertones used gave a very radical and opinionated summary of the article.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, the BBC, is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world in terms of audience numbers.  It employing 26,000 staff in the United Kingdom alone and with a budget of more than 7.9 billion.  Founded in 1922 as the British Broadcasting Company Ltd was founded in 1922 and was granted a Royal Charter.  It was a state-owned but independent corporation in 1927. The corporation produces programmes and information services, broadcasting on television, radio, and the Internet.  BBC News is the largest broadcast news gathering operation in the world providing services to BBC domestic radio as well as television networks such as BBC News 24, BBC Parliament and BBC World.

Alex Jones broadcasts nationwide on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.  Alex is known for “not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. He combines his media presence with actual physical activism, a practice that once led to him being arrested on the personal order of George W. Bush”, accoring to his web site.











Alex Jones, <>

BBC, <>, <>





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