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Media Studies Essays

We’ve recently watched the movie 23 Skidoo both in class and on our own time at home. When I first saw it in class, I was a bit confused and I didn’t really understand what was happening in the film. After re-watching it, I understood that it is a film about a post-nuclear bomb explosion. What’s different about this movie is that there is no narrative, or actors, but there is music. I find that it makes you concentrate more on what’s happening in the film because no one’s explaining it to you. The music featured in the film wasn’t continuous.
It made the setting more mysterious because sometimes, the music would be almost scary sounding, and you’d think that something was about to happen. It made me create other scenarios in my head, and helped me to imagine what could have happened to everyone. Since there are no people, and there isn’t any narrative, we only find out what this film is about when there is a message on a typewriter that says that there has been a successful explosion neutron bomb, and that no cities were affected, only the people living in the cities.
I was actually shocked when I read that because the writing continues, but then ends mid-sentence, so you start to think that clearly, this person didn’t survive that long. After this scene, there are shots of places where there would normally be a lot of people, and the sounds that you would here if there were people there. It’s actually a pretty scary moment because you realize that everyone is gone and that whoever is behind the camera, is the “last person alive”. If this was a mainstream movie, then you definitely would have seen the nuclear bomb exploding.
The people who were affected by the bomb, probably would have turned into zombies or mutants that want to eat human flesh. There would have most likely been a couple people who survived, and they had to group together and try to fight off these “zombies”. There would have been a boy and girl who fall in love, and then escape to a safe place, probably around New Zealand and then lived happily ever after. This is why, I usually don’t like mainstream movies, because the end is usually unrealistic.

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