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Mediation and Reconciliation Program

Agenda of the Meetings


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December 5, 2007      10:00 a.m.       Clubhouse       Probable audience: Mothers

December 5, 2007        7:00 p.m.       Clubhouse       Probable audience: Working parents

December 15, 2007      2:30 p.m.       Clubhouse       Probable audience: General


I.                   Juvenile Delinquency: A Review – presents current statistics and prevention programs against juvenile delinquency. Includes testimonies and real situations involving juvenile delinquency.

II.                The Mediation and Reconciliation Program – steps to combat juvenile delinquency

a.       Roleplayers – the young, the parents, the authorities, and the school

b.      Stakes – who are they and what to do

i.      Identifying at-risk behaviors – spotting the signs

ii.      Mediation patterns – how to stop the signs creatively; how to encourage the young to get away from delinquent behavior

iii.      Reconciliation patterns – opportunities for the young who went astray and plans for reintegrating them into the community

III.             Role-specific guidelines: The role of the educator – how teachers can help alleviate juvenile delinquency and reconstruct the lives of delinquents

IV.             Inter-agency Plan – the role of the educators in cooperation with the police, the parents, and the students



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