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Natasha L - Medical Records Essay Outline introduction. Cosby English 102 Professor Banks 04/19/2013 Research Paper Outline Thesis Statement: The medical records of a patient should not be obtainable by any officials, whether authorized or not without the consent of the patient. I. Introduction A. Attention Grabber: B. Background Information 1) Evolution of Hospital Information Systems 2) Overview of privacy risks of H. I. S. 3) Definition of privacy 4) Why privacy of medical records is important C. Controversy

1) Medical records stored in online databases are beneficial to some 2) Medical records stored in online databases negatively effect patients D - meei medical records. Thesis Statement II. Point 1: Statistics of medical consumers values of privacy A. Topic Sentence: B. Age C. Education D. Gender III. Point 2: Risks of medical records stored in online databases A. Unauthorized personnel 1)Authorized employees with ill intentions 2)Unauthorized employees 3)Hackers B. Third Party Companies


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1)Insurance a) Patient denied coverage because of exposed medical record 2)Employers a) C. Misplaced or incomplete records 1)Files in transition 2)Selected information erased IV. Point 3: Major cases of improper patient information disclosure A. Summary Sentence: There have been several major cases that have reached Supreme Courts that have been based on invasion of medical records. B. U. S. senator Thomas Eagleton removed from Presidential race 1. Former U. S.

senator Thomas Eagleton embarrassingly removed himself from the Presidential race of 1972 after previous psychiatric treatments he had undergone had been exposed, along with his problems with depression ( Salter). B. Albert vs. Devine C. MEEI vs. U. S. Department of Health & Human Services V. Point 4: Legal obligations pertaining to privacy of Medical Records A. HIPPA privacy rule B. Confidentiality of Medical Records Act C. Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 D. CISP Act VI. Point 5: VII. Point 6: VIII. Point 7: Opposing View

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