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Meet food safety requirments

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Question 1:
Identify some of the potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and explain three of them in the table below. For each one, describe what food hygiene practices can be used to control these:

Food safety hazard
Food hygiene practices to control this
Food safety hazard 1:

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Meet food safety requirments
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Food that is not being stored at the correct temperature
regularly check that fridges/freezers are running

at the correct temperature.

make sure that food is stored in the correct

area in the fridge.

Food safety hazard 2:

Opened food that has not been covered correctly and  make sure that all opened food in the fridge is dated. covered completely and clearly dated when it

was opened.

Food safety hazard 3:

Food that has started to go off in the fridge. if any food starts to show signs of mould, make sure they are disposed of immediately, in the same case if food starts to smell. make sure that use by dates are checked on products regularly.

HSC 2029 – 1.1, 3.1

Question 2:
The following questions are on the reasons for food safety:

Why is it important to follow food safety measures when providing food and drink? it is important to follow food safety measure’s when providing food and drink to service users as they could be at risk of getting severely ill due to their immune systems; if you were to provide food that has not been cooked correctly then there could still be pathogens still present which could cause them to develop food poisoning.

Why should PPE be worn when handling food?

the correct PPE should be worn when handling food to minimize the risk of bacteria

entering the food and contaminating it.


Explain when hands should be washed to maintain food hygiene. hands should be washed quite regularly when handling food, they should be washed before preparing food, in-between dealing with raw and cooked foods also if you were to come in contact with a service user you should then wash your hands.

HSC 2029 – 1.2, 1.3, 2.1

Question 3:
These questions are about food safety measures. Answer the following:


Explain why surfaces, utensils and other equipment should be clean before beginning a new food preparation task. surfaces and utensils should be cleaned before beginning a new food preparation task so that there is no risk of cross-contamination which could cause food poisoning.

Why should food waste be cleared and disposed of promptly and safely? food waste should be cleared and disposed of promptly and safely to prevent the spread of cross contamination; also to eliminate bad smells. Food waste bags should be tied securely and placed in a bin that closes to prevent an infestation of pests such as rats.

HSC 2029 – 1.4, 1.5

Question 4:
Identify the different types of food you may be required to handle. For each one describe how they should be stored properly and why it is important to do it in this way

Describe how it should be stored
Explain why it should be stored in this way
Type of food:

Uncooked meats
Raw meat should be stored in an air tight sealed

container. The container should also be stored

on the bottom shelf of any fridge, this is to

prevent any liquids contaminating any other

foods stored in the fridge.

Type of food:

Frozen Meals
Frozen meals should be stored in the freezer.

This particular food should be frozen and never

re-frozen in the future, due to this causing food


Type of food:

Cheese should be wrapped in a sealed bag or

container, in the fridge, and dated if opened.

This is to prevent the cheese from absorbing

smells from other foods, and drying up, and

going hard.

Type of food:

Vegetables and salad items
Vegetables and salad items should be in a

sealed bag or container as this will prevent

them from going off so quickly.

HSC 2029 – 1.6, 5.1

Question 5:
The following questions are about how you can access information about food safety:

Identify some sources you could go to find out information about how to practice food safety.

RSPH – Royal Society for Public Health.

Food standards agency – www.foodstandards.gov.uk


Where can you go to find out what your specific responsibilities are in maintaining food safety in your job role?

My job description

The Care Plan for the Service User.

My manager


HSC 2029 – 6.1, 6.2

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