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Meiosis and Homologous Chromosomes Sample

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1. If the sperm cell of a fruit fly has 4 chromosomes. so the figure of chromosomes in each organic structure cell is: a. 2B. 4c. 6d. 8e. 16

2. Of the undermentioned cells. the lone one to hold the monoploid figure of chromosomes is: a ) tegumentB ) musculusdegree Celsius ) nervusvitamin D ) conjunctionvitamin E ) egg cell

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Meiosis and Homologous Chromosomes Sample
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3. The diploid figure is restored as a consequence of:a ) distinctionB ) fertilisationdegree Celsius ) cleavagevitamin D ) reduction-divisionvitamin E ) ripening

4. During miosis. the chromosome figure:a ) is twofoldB ) is reduceddegree Celsius ) remains the samevitamin D ) becomes diploidvitamin E ) becomes tetraploid

5. Prophase I of miosis ( is. is non ) similar to prophase of mitosis.

6. The first anaphase of miosis differs from anaphase of mitosis in that kinetochores ( make. make non ) divide.

7. Oogenesis finally gives rise to ( one egg cell. four egg cell ) with the ( haploid. diploid ) figure of chromosomes.

8. A spermatazoan is a ( gamete. fertilized ovum ) . and is ( monoploid. diploid ) .

9. An egg cell is a ( gamete. fertilized ovum ) . and is ( monoploid. diploid ) .

10. When a sperm cell and an ovum merge.

they undergo the procedure of fertilisation. and give rise to a ( gamete. fertilized ovum ) . which is ( monoploid. diploid ) .

Questions 11-16. A conjectural being has 10 chromosomes for each of its organic structure cells.

11. ) Skin cells are continuously being rubbed off and replaced. How many chromosomes will be contained in each new tegument cell that is replaced? 10

12. ) This replacing occurs through the procedure of mitosis.

13. ) The diploid figure ( 2N ) for this being is 10.

14. ) This being would hold how many homologous braces of chromosomes? 5

15. ) The female of this being has an ovary. The figure of chromosomes in each of the cells that make up the ovary would be 10.

16. ) The mature eggs of this female would incorporate how many chromosomes? 5

17. ) There is an being whose monoploid figure is 15. How many chromosomes are found in this organism’s sperm cells? 15

18. ) Crossing-over can be found in the phase ofa. Prophase I b ) Prophase II degree Celsius ) Interphase vitamin D ) Anaphase I e ) Anaphase II

19. ) Which of the undermentioned procedure will ensue in a decrease of the chromosome figure by half? a. Mitosisb. Meiosisc. Cytoplasmic divisiond. DNA reproductione. Fertilization

20. ) The gamete normally has a chromosome figure. a. haploidb. diploidc. triploidd. tetraploide. polyploidy

21. ) Which of the undermentioned best describe the term “crossing over” ? a. An exchange of information between two homologous chromosomes b. A molecular interaction between two sister chromatids c. A molecular interaction between two non-sister chromatids d. A separation of two sister chromatids

e. None of the above

22. ) Sexual reproduction requires all of the undermentioned except a. miosisb. mitosisc. gamete formationd. fertilisatione. None of the above

23. ) What type of cell undergoes miosis? source cells

24. ) Meiosis produces monoploid ( # ) reproductive cells called gametes.

25. ) Name the 2 human gametes & A ; state their chromosome figure. Sperm – 23 ; egg – 23

26. ) What is the chromosome figure for worlds in bodily cells? 46

27. ) The merger of a sperm and an egg produces a fertilized ovum with 46 ( 2n ) chromosome figure.

28. ) Cells get downing mitosis & A ; miosis Begin with a ( haploid or diploid ) set of chromosomes.

29. ) How many times do cells split during miosis? twice

30. ) What are the phases of miosis called? Meiosis I: Prophase I. Meta I. Ana I. Telo I. cytokinesis. Meiosis II: Pro II. Meta II. Ana II. TeloII. cytokinesis

31. ) What is synapsis & A ; when does it happen?Point of chromosomal contact among homologous chromosomesDuring crossing-over in Prophase I32. ) What is a four?Aligned homologous chromosomes prior to crossing-over

33. ) How are cistrons aligned on homologous chromosomes?By tetrad formation

34. ) Explain what happens during crossing-over?

Reciprocal exchange of familial stuff

35. ) What type of stuff is exchanged during crossing-over? cistrons

36. ) Crossing over consequences in familial fluctuation.

37-38. ) Draw a cell during anaphase I and explicate what is happening.

39. ) What is independent mixture & A ; what consequence does it bring forth? -random alliance of homologues at metaphase I plate – green goodss fluctuation in gametes

40 and 41. ) How many cells are formed at the terminal of Meiosis I & A ; how many transcripts of chromosomes does each cell hold?

42. ) Is DNA copied before Meiosis II? No

43 and 44. ) How many cells form at the terminal of Meiosis II and how many chromosomes do they incorporate?

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