Members of the European Parliament Essay

Members of the European Parliament.


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Members of the European Parliament
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“Alarmed, MEPs demand that toys meet EU standards”


Last September 29, 2007, New Europe, The European Weekly featured the members of the European Parliament affirmation stance by a vote of 660-18 against toy qualities entering its markets from Asian suppliers specifically China because of its allege lead contents that is beyond EU standard levels.  It is to protect the welfare of the children who are the known consumers of the said goods.  This move was further enhanced by the Northern Ireland Consumer Protection Committee Chairwoman Arlene McCarthy citing the U.S - Members of the European Parliament Essay introduction. order for recall from the markets of all China made toys last July, 2007.  Arlene McCarthy also encouraged Meglena Kuneva, the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs to take a stiffer stance for China to follow EU standards on marketable toys. Their claims are based on EU’s RAPEX reports confirming unsatisfactory standards.

Unconfirmed reports to: Parliament in 2006, revealed 48% unsafe toys from China, and 17% from unidentified sources; MEP, 24% unsafe toys from China; Kyriacos Triantaphyllides of Cyprus, 18 million out of 65% imported toys from China were recalled by Mattel. Robert Sturdy of UK reiterated the global nature of the present market thus presuming safety nets among consumer nations (New Europe 2007). In addition Yan Ling, editor, BRUSSELS, Xinhua business report dated September 27, 2007 said that David Martin, a Parliament member proposed “courses of action” ( Eva-Britt however of Sweden retorted not to blame China alone but also to check the standards of the importers who are equally responsible of the mess (New Europe 2007).




New Europe.  (2007). Alarmed, MEPs demand that toys meet EU standards. The

European Weekly.

Liang, Y.  (2007). European Parliament demands toys meet EU standards. Business.

Brussels: Xinhua.


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