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SUBJECT :         Investigation on the Effectiveness of the Patient Satisfaction Survey

            Surveys that assess the level of satisfaction derived by patients from health care providers could be helpful for the improvement of services (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2007) - Memo on research Essay introduction. On a daily basis, feedback from patients could give insight on the kind of service they experience in hospitals or other medical facilities (Kowalczyk, 2005; Fahy, 2008). Medicare, in an effort to understand the needs and experiences of patients, came up with the Patient Satisfaction Survey program. In order to gain better understanding of this program, as well as its effects on the behavior of professionals belonging to the health care industry, I intend to conduct research and write about the subject, based mainly on current literature.

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            The Patient Satisfaction Survey could give answers to simple questions concerning the speed with which a patient’s call is attended to by a health care professional, the degree of attention given by a physician to a patient’s concerns, and the cleanliness of health care facilities. The Medicare program consists of 27 questions, and answers shall be posted on its website in an effort to push hospitals into improving health care and promote quality service delivery (Kowalczyk, 2005; Skehan & Petrillo, 2003).

            Given these laudable goals, I intend to research how far implementation of this project has come through. I would research how many institutions have adopted and enforced the program. More importantly, I would like to find out how many patients actually consider the results of these surveys when they consider the hospitals where they would get medical treatment. The statistics of the patients who base their decisions on the surveys vis-à-vis those who do not consider the survey results shall be the uncontrolled variables to be measured in determining the effectiveness of the program.

            Using key words such as patient satisfaction, Medicare, and performance measurement, I already conducted a literature review in order to have a good grasp of the subject. Further research shall lead to more conclusive evidence of the effectiveness of the program.


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