Memorable High School Experience Essay

Memorable High School Experience

There are so many things that make the years I spent in High School memorable for me - Memorable High School Experience Essay introduction. But none as memorable as the school dances where I learned how to get over my pre-pubescent fear of girls and simply work up the nerve to speak to those whom I took a liking to and hoped that the girl would like me back.

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The Homecoming dance was a big deal for me because of the contagious excitement that permeated the campus. This was the time of the year when the old yearbook photos would come out of the hiding places all over campus and the old time teachers would begin to wax nostalgic about the good old days when such and such a person was the school athletic hero and Mr. and Ms. So and so became the King and Queen of the dance while wondering loudly about what ever happened to them. Sometimes, we would get lucky and some of the almost iconic figures of the past school years would make appearances during homecoming week to give us pep talks and inspire us to dream big and work towards that goal. Or, as was the case for some of my classmates, their parents, who also went to the same high school, would become part of the Homecoming committee and help us plan the dance ,train the boys and girls in the art of the formal and informal dance, or something similar.

For the boys from our town, the Homecoming was a once a year unforgettable event. It was really more like the highlight of our school year because the week long festivities meant we would be excused from classes to attend pep rallies and sporting events; For most of the guys from my school, the Homecoming meant a chance for us to kick back and relax and simply enjoy each others company before we broke up for our respective summer activities. For me, it meant a chance to participate in the school sports activities even though I was not a part of the varsity team . There were inter level games planned and each high school level got to play a mean game of basketball against the other year levels for a chance to be called Year Level Champions. For us, it was almost as big as the actual varsity championship game because the Physical Education department of the school put a lot of thought and effort into the team line up and game strategies as well.

As a year level basketball team player, we got to wear the uniform and also had a special team of cheerleaders to cheer us on. The varsity cheerleaders were saved for the bigger matches.  Everybody was hanging around the school watching the team in pre-game practice. The emotions were running high and everybody had a positive attitude about our year level winning that year. The cheerleaders really did their best to get the crowd into the mood for the game and kicked things into even higher gear the minute the game started. When I finally had my turn on the court, I played my heart out for my team scoring impressively enough for the coach to tell me that I did a very commendable job when it came time for me to return to the bench.  We all played ourselves to the bone during that game because we had a point to prove. That Sophomores had what it took to win regardless of what the higher year levels believed.

During this particularly memorable Homecoming year for me, I decided to try my luck and instead of making plans with my best buddies to go to the dance as a group after the game, I asked out one of the cheerleaders whom I had taken a liking to ever since she tutored me in math and science. Each time I see that clip of Tom Cruise on television bouncing about on Oprah’s couch, I am reminded of my own reaction when I asked the girl out and she said yes to my offer immediately. Tom Cruise had nothing on me.

The dress up theme that year was eighties retro and we decided host a dance and banquet in honor of that decades most successful graduates of the school. While we were creating our own memories to recall as stories for our kids in the future, the alumni were obviously reliving their high school days to the hilt. In fact, I remember my best friend telling me that “High school reunions are an excuse for people our parents age to act like kids even if only for one night.” I had to agree with her when I saw my parents dancing to Thriller by Michael Jackson that night. When we happened to catch up at the punch bowl and they started speaking to me, I said “You look like my parents, but I don’t think they would embarrass me that way.” in a joking fashion. They simply smiled at me and asked if I wanted to dance with my mom while my dad danced with my date. I am glad that I took the chance to dance with my mom. We have not danced together since and I don’t think she plans on putting on her dancing shoes again to dance with me until we are both at my wedding reception.

Needless to say, my final homecoming dance at the school where I had spent my formative years as a young adult was a very memorable occasion for me. It had all the elements of an unforgettable event. Young love permeated the air that night and stood as a silent witness to most of the promises young hearts make when posed with the reality of separation with the one you love. That was the night I became a man and learned how a gentleman treats a woman he loves and respects. It was also one of the almost unbelievable nights when parents and children did not end up bickering over some silly spat and instead enjoyed each others company and learned about each other’s experiences.

The final reason as to why Homecoming became the most memorable high school experience for me is because my date and I won a prize that night. Even though I had only come to the dance in a rented tuxedo, my date and I still managed to win Best Dressed Couple and we were even in the running for King and Queen of the Night. On the other hand, our basketball team managed to snag the championship game on the day of the Homecoming so it was not just a simple dance anymore but a victory celebration for my school as well.

At the end of the Homecoming dance, my classmates and I began to get nostalgic as the names of everybody the senior class that year were  called by the principal as he announced the candidates for graduation that year. While the song “That’s What Friends are For” played via disc jockey in the background, there was not a dry eye left in the room. The announcement of the names proved that in my high school, even if there are all sorts of rivalries and intrigues between the year levels, we all still considered each other part of a hugely extended family. For us guys, we tried to hide our emotions and simply high fived the other guys in their senior year as their names were called. I still have the video and pictures I took the night of the Homecoming. Sometimes, my friends and I hang out at my house and watch the video over and over because it is what we all consider to be our most winning and memorable high school memory so far.

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