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As you know Best Game Products were set to release a game for the holiday that is a sequel to a previous game - Memorandum, Press Release introduction. The game that is set to be release has a bug in it that diminish the quality of the game. The consultant for Best Game Products advises the CEO that it will be best for the game not to be release until the problem is fixing. The recommendation is that the game does not be release until after the holiday which will give adequate time to fix the game.

Best Game Products pride themselves on their integrity and honesty for the business and customers; if the game is released before it is fix Best Game Products stands to lose valuable customers and possibly taint their name. The release of the game can prove to be damaging to the company and its reputation of providing the best for the customers. Withholding the game until further notice would show the customers that Best Game Products is not just about making money but providing the best for the customers.


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This memo is being sent to you because as the CEO of Best Game Products the final say is yours whether or not to release the game for the holiday or postpone it until the bug has been removed. PRESS RELEASE “For immediate release” Debugging at Best Game Products Milwaukee, WI, December 20, 2012— CEO of Best Game Product announced today that the game set for release for the holiday has been postponed due to the game having a bug that decrease the quality of the game. “How-To-Write-A-Press-Release. tml” (2010/09) The game is a sequel of a previous game sold at Best Game Products and if the game reaches the stores before being debugged Best Game Product feel they would have let their customers down. Best Game Products states that in order for them to continue to uphold the belief of the company that serves its customers with integrity and honesty the game will not be on the shelves for the holiday. The game has less than perfect quality as the games before it. Best Game Products decided to give a press release as to why the game will not be on the shelves for the holiday.

Putting things in writing brings life to what is said and it is also a way to keep the company to its word. Announcing the games flaws would send a message to all its stakeholders that Best Game Products is true to their words and they are not trying to hide anything. It also shows that Best Game Products has faith in its stakeholders by revealing the truth about the game and why it is being withheld for the holidays. Best Game Products trust that its loyal customers will buy the game when it hit the shelves and they will be able to generate enough revenue to keep the doors from closing. ###

Synopsis Debugging Best Game Product was set to release a game for the holiday that has been in the making for the last two years. The game is a sequel of a previous game made by Best Game Products that will not make it on the shelves due to a bug that was detected during a trial run on the internet. Best Game Products operates with integrity and honestly and that is something that they have always done especially with its customers and anything less would not be ethical of Best Game Products. The customers rely on their honor system and trust that they will always produce the best quality products.

The loyal customers of Best Game Products will still be around when the game hit the stores after the holiday. Creating a memo and a press release was not easy to do so I just incorporated the problem and solutions in terms that anyone who read it would understand the message that was sent. By using written communication it allowed the message to be heard without interference of questions that is not ready to be answered at this time. Going into more detail might be more harmful that good because eliminating the bug from the game has not became a reality as of yet and a verbal message just might get misconstrued.

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