Men versus Women: On Corporate Decision Making Essay

Men versus Women: On Corporate Decision Making

Differences between men and women could be apparently seen on their physical as well as biological make up - Men versus Women: On Corporate Decision Making Essay introduction. Basically, these two aspects of distinction between them could not be altered. Another distinction between men and women can be reflected on their social behaviors (non-verbal actions) and this includes their behavior towards decision making.

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Men versus Women: On Corporate Decision Making Essay
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Traditionally, men have dominated various areas in the society and accompanying this authority is their explicit role in the decision making process. In the past, women had been deprived of opportunities to participate and give their in sights on a decision making process, but through the advent of the 21st century, women’s role and position in the society is being more and more remarkable. At present times, several women are handling CEO positions in various business industries. One question that may arise regarding the dominion of women in such position is her capability to make a sound decision. Let us now look at the distinction of men and women CEO’s in their decision making process.

An article written by Janet Guyon on Fortune (2005) presented some of the qualities of men and women in coming up with a decision or addressing a problem. Intuition is said to be the asset of women in any decision making process. Generally, men (in business) are said to act alone while women collaborate, listen and try to build teams. As compared to men, this approach of women in the decision making process is desirable. Building and consulting a team would provide the opportunity to foster thorough participation of the working force. Hearing the ideas of the team would lead a CEO to come out with the most appropriate decision that would benefit both the company and the people working in it. Listening also offers just or fair decision making in addressing a specific problem.

Men and women differs in there outlook in setting up plans. As cited in the work of Guyon (2005), ‘men seems to be more focus on the competitive environment and long term goals while women considers two factors in making decision, that is, how will the decision affect the team and whether it will achieve short term goals (144).’ This distinction between men and women leads to a conclusion that women tends to be more affective and considers the welfare of her employees than man. Furthermore, Guyon’s paper also stated that men tends to imposed their power towards decision making while their counterparts work through people even if they have that decision making power. This idea is consistent with the above mentioned statement that men act alone upon making a decision. In connection with this quality of men, it can be seen that men have a strong belief or trust in their decision. They seem to be reluctant to collaborate with their employees because of their notion that his decision is the most beneficial one. Their imposition of power in deciding reflects that they are more likely to show other employees that they control the business. Men are generally more risk taker and try to avoid situations wherein the employees would tend to abuse him by showing thorough kindness and consideration.

In general, men are said to be better in making decisions than women. The characteristics of women of being soft spoken and their outmost concern in the welfare of the team sometimes bring about negative effects. Men’s decisions are viewed to be more notable than women because they know how to balance their emotions. Sometimes, women’s quality of being affectionate leads ton emotion-driven decision.

Any decision making process is vital because this will make or break a business or a corporation. Men are more aggressive in making decision than women are. Women are inclined to show thorough concern with employees than men do. Behind these differences of men and women in the decision making process lays the fact that there mindset is heading towards the same direction, that is, to improve the corporation and keep it going for business. Their approaches and non-verbal behavior may be different but it should be noted that these differences are brought by their nature of being a man and a woman.


Guyon,            Janet. (2005). The Art of the Decision. Fortune, 152, 10, 144.  Retrieved May 22, 2008, from ABI/INFORM Global database.


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