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Men, Women, Unequal Pay

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  • Pages 2
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    For many years, women have been treated unfairly in the workplace; whether it is through a form of discrimination, harassment, or unequal pay. Women who are in the same position are paid less than their male counterparts. This is a major issue in the business world but it is also a problem in sports and the medical field. This problem is known as a gender gap, any difference between the characteristics of men and women in areas such as educational accomplishment, wage rates, or labor force participation.

    In June 2004, the U. S. Census Bureau released an analysis of the earnings of full-time workers that reported that female physicians’ wages averaged 63 cents for every dollar earned by their male colleagues” (Lane & Turner 238). Some factors that contribute to this are: most men are in charge at hospitals and when women are offered compensation packages, they do not know how to negotiate as well as men. Women will also make sacrifices in order to spend time with their families.

    Unknowingly, women start out making less than their male coworkers and as they move up in rank, the deficit becomes larger. `It is sad that women had to struggle and protest to gain rights and even after gaining those rights, they are still discriminated against. Men will always say they work harderthan women but in these two examples; it appears as if the women work just as hard if not harder. `

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