Mental Health Essay - Part 3

Bringing quality mental health to clients heavily relies upon the staff that respect, care, and empathizes with them - Mental Health Essay introduction. I deem that this changed the way we understood mental health services. Recognizing that the clients that are being cared for are going through the toughest times of their lives and that as the people who care for them it is in our best interest that they become well and ready to face their lives once again. Years back, the people who are suffering from mental disorders were not treated equally. People looked at them as if they were not worthy of the gift of life.

Now, mental health services aims to provide the best, individualized care possible for every single client. Even those perfectly functioning individuals opt to heed the advice of their “shrinks” and get through their lives normally, and in time without the stigma of being called a lunatic for seeking professional care of psychologists. Some are joining groups like the alcoholics anonymous and some are just fine with telephone counseling. Technology has paved the way for better communication and educational developments and researches also made this change possible.

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People have been more understanding of what mental health is and they understand what needs to be done in order to treat the illness. They have no doubt about the educational background of their doctors, counselors, and mental health experts. Possibly because of the success of the outcomes of the treatment of the previous mentally ill clients who have been able to get back to their lives. Knowing and being aware of the illness progress and treatment is important in understanding the changes that have taken place in the mental health services throughout the years.

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