Mental Health Essay - Part 4

Mental Health

The state of mental health of community citizens is important in the progress of the locality as a whole - Mental Health Essay introduction. The services offered by the government for the mental health of its constituents especially for the children and youth define the concern of the community leaders regarding the well being of its citizens. Various communities have different types of services that cater to the mental health needs of its people. It is important for the community to have a systematic program for the mental health needs of the children and the youth because these individuals are the future of the community.

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The community based supports and services that are organized to cater to the burdens of children and youth that are affected with grave mental health which are coordinated in a network manner is termed as a ‘system of care’. This type of approach not only aids children and youth that are affected with emotional and mental disturbances but their families as well in attaining their desired goal through the implemented individualized services. The schools, community, youth, and family are all involved in the provision of help to the members of the community that are in need of the supports and services. The partnership that is established by the public and private organizations with the youth and their families  creates effective personalized mental health services and supports; promote the strengths of  youth and their families, and exudes competence either culturally or linguistically(CSMHA 2007).

Private and public organizations work hand in hand with the children and youth as well as their families to be able to solve the problems that these youth have which are associated in their state of mental health. The wellness of the state of mind of these children and youth will be important tools for them to have a successful life. Due to factors such as ethnicity, age, and unique individual characteristics of these children and youth, effectiveness of the system of care in mental health is anchored in the ability of the program to serve these individuals in a manner that is created to each specific person. Programs for mental health of children and the youth needs to be continuously provided and sustains the demand for it in the community setting(CSMHA 2007).

All over United States various mental health services offered in the communities are based on the system of care approach. In California, Glenn County Mental Health is a community mental health services provider which is supported by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration through its Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program. The said organization is among the various community based mental health services provider that is guided by SAMHSA and granted financial assistance for the improvement of the services they offer to children and youth which are affected with emotional disturbances(SAMHSA ).

Glenn County Mental Health caters to the needs of emotionally disturbed children and youth with the following ranges: children of ages 0-4; adolescents and children that are 5-18 years old; and teenagers from 14-22 years of age. The objectives of this institution’s program include the following: maintenance of the strong relationship of the children and youth with their families; keeping the children and youth without problems in association with the legal system and illegal substances; and lastly sustaining the health of these young individuals. This community based mental health service provider encourages the participation of the families of these emotionally disturbed youth in all areas of the system of care which is comprised of: planning, delivery of service, assessment, improvement of the quality of service, advocacy, social marketing, and establishing awareness to cultural competency(SAMHSA ).

System of care approach is well utilized by the Glenn County Mental Health because from planning to the implementation of the programs there is an active participation of various institutions and agencies concerned with the mental health problems of the youth. This community based mental health provider also is composed of representatives of the community including the following: youth, adults, and community(Health, 2005). The leaders of this institution also continuously search for venues for the improvement of the programs they offer for the mental health needs of the children and youth. Meetings with the members of the community were done in order to encourage the people to actively participate in the planning and implementation of the vast array of programs that this institution offers.

The Mental Health Services Act of Glen County rebuilt there existing mental health program in order to serve the community specifically the population of children and youth that are afflicted with mental health problems which can not afford to acquire private mental health service.  The revised program involves the youth and their families in making plans and in the implementation of these plans to better serve the community that is troubled with various mental health problems.  The service that the new mental health program of Glen Country provides is now family and consumer driven so that the offered programs will be individualized and centered on recovery, resiliency, and wellness. The new program that is based on the system of care approach to mental health services involves a bigger population of the community and with additional elements such as cultural competence, integrated services, self-directed care, and family-driven mental health services(Glenn County, 2005).

The revised Glen County mental health program includes four action strategies which are: System Transformation and Effectiveness Strategies; Outreach and Engagement & System Development Program; Full Service Partnership (FSP); and Planning Process. These four strategies will helped in the revision of the mental health programs to fit into the system of care approach (Glenn County, 2005). This type of approach will better serve the community especially the youth and their families because they will be hands on and the mental health service provided is individualized. The unique characteristics of each patient that includes cultural diversity, age, and other factors are better considered in the individualized type of program hence the service provided is more effective and of greater impact for the betterment of the mental health status of the patient. With the system of care approach the programs for mental health services especially for the young members of the community is prioritized and given much attention.






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