Mental Health and Psychiatry

1. 1 Analyse the Principal functions of a Mental Health Worker A Mental Health Worker is someone who contributes to the treatment, recovery and normalising the life of someone with a Mental health condition. A team of Mental Health Workers will work with a person in primary care settings to help them in all aspects of which their illness has affected, including housing, employment, relationships and general wellbeing. Mental Health Workers may be assigned to people experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems, clients are likely to be referred by a GP.

With the support of Mental Health Workers working together the client will receive the necessary support and treatment including anxiety management, cognitive behaviour therapy, medication and counselling. 1. 2 Analyse the three principle types of advocacy and evaluate their importances The three principle types of Advocacy are: Independent Professional Advocacy; Peer or Collective Advocacy and Citizen Advocacy. Independent Professional Advocacy aims so give people a chance to express their own needs and make their own decisions, empowering people who need a stronger voice.

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It ensures users and survivors of the mental health system who are vulnerable or discriminated against, are respectfully listened to and have participation in the means of their treatment. Peer or Collective Advocacy is where a group of people with mental health needs work together to put forward shared views. Peer advocacy may be a voluntary support system for a person with mental health needs, where the peer has experience of using mental health services.

This means the person needing support can get it from someone who understands their needs making it easier to have an equal relationship. The majority of peer advocates are funded user and survivor run schemes with paid workers. Collective Advocacy is where a group of people with mental health needs work together to put forward shared views. Collective Advocacy includes: local mental health service user groups, such as Mind; support groups and patient councils.

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