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Menu cost and price Essays


Given that for a menu item cooked corned beef round, frozen leaf spinach and Potatoes are used as ingredients then we can determine the cost of each ingredient after and before cooking, this is made possible by the value of the items after and before cooking, we can also determine the price of the item given a 25% profit level.

We first determine the cost of the menu items after cooking; we will determine this by simply calculating the value of the ingredients, because the cost is given in different units we transform them using the following equations: One ounce is equal to 28.349gram and One gram is equal to 0.00204 pounds

The following table summarizes the cost after cooking for each ingredient:

Ingredient Edible Portion Yield (%) Serving Size As Purchased Price per pound/kilogram conversion into grams conversion into pounds cost after cooking Cooked corned beef round 40% 8 ounces $2.55 per pound 226.792 0.46265568 1.179771984 Frozen leaf spinach 100% 90 grams $3.05 per kilogram 90 0.1836 0.2745 Potatoes 75% 4 ounces $0.90 per pound 113.396 0.23132784 0.208195056 1.66246704

 The cost of corned beef round after cooking is 1.17 dollars, frozen leaf spinach is 0.27 dollars and potatoes are 0.208 dollars, the total cost of the menu is therefore 1.66 dollars.

We can also determine the cost of the menu and ingredients before cooking, the following table summarizes the costs of each ingredient;

Ingredient Edible Portion Yield (%) Serving Size As Purchased Price per pound/kilogram original size Conversion

(grams) pounds cost before cooking Cooked corned beef round 40% 8 ounces $2.55 per pound 20 566.98 1.1566392 2.94942996 Frozen leaf spinach 100% 90 grams $3.05 per kilogram 90 90 0.1836 0.2745 Potatoes 75% 4 ounces $0.90 per pound 5.333 151.185217 0.308417843 0.277576058 3.501506018

From the above table the cost before cooking for the cooked corned beef is 2.9494, the cost of frozen spinach is 0.27 and for the potatoes is 0.277, therefore the total cost of the menu item before cooking is 3.50, and this is the cost incurred to prepare the menu item.

If we want a 25% cost above the menu cost then this is determined by multiplying 3.50 X 125% which will give us the selling price, the selling price is therefore 4.376883 dollars for the menu item.


There are six major nutrients and our menu item contains the following nutrients:

Carbohydrates: consists of simple and complex sugars. It’s a major source of calories which consists of 50% to 60% of calories

Protein: contain amino acids which forms anti bodies, hormones and enzymes.15%-25% calories released energy 4 to eight hours after consumption.

Fat: Fats are available in form of poly unsaturated fats, fatty acids, saturated fats and mono saturated fats its main source is fatty acids .Fats helps in absorption of vitamins A D and K.

25% to 30% of calories are got from fats.

Minerals: Do not contain calories but are involved in many biochemical reactions in the body. Example folic acid, calcium and magnesium

Vitamins: they do not provide calories but are involved in biochemical reactions and prevention of diseases.

Water is the most essential nutrients in the body; the body needs 55% to 75%., depending on the preparation our menu item will contain water.

However during cooking some vitamins are destroyed by heat thus overcooking is not recommended, therefore some foods containing vitamins should be eaten raw example spinach. Foods containing water will loose the water when cooked example meat which when cooked will leave behind dry water. Therefore it should be noted that some of the nutrients may be lost when cooking and therefore the best cooking methods should be used.


Metric conversion (2008) pounds into grams, grams into ounces, retrieved on 23rd May, available at http://www.metric-conversions.org/cgi-bin/util/conversion-chart.cgi?type=5&from=15&to=3


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