Menu Evaluation

Menu Evaluation


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1.      Name of the restaurant:

§  J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria

2. Restaurant Segment:

(midscale, moderate upscale etc)

§  Midscale

3. Location:

§  1999 Plainfield Pike, Johnston, RI

4. Menu Categories – Price Spread

Are the menu categories presented in the order the food items are typically served?

Yes:_____ No:__X___

The price spread between the lowest and highest priced items in each of the main menu categories (i.e. Appetizers, Salads, Entrées, Desserts) is examined here.

Categories             No. of Items                                                                  Ratio

Appetizers                  9                      High: $ 6.25    Low: $ 1. 75               3.6

Salads                         7                      High: $ 5.95    Low: $ 3.50                1.7

Dinners                       11                    High: $ 7.75    Low: $ 4.50                1.7

Calzones                     16                    High: $ 5.75    Low: $ 2.25                2.6

Pizza                           5                      High: $ 17.95  Low: $ 7.10                2.5

Deli Sandwiches        11                    High: $ 5.75    Low: $ 4.75                1.2

Hot Oven Grinders    8                      High: $ 7.20    Low: $ 4.50                1.6

Steak Sandwiches      5                      High: $ 6.95    Low: $ 4.50                1.5

Burgers                       11                    High: $ 6.95    Low: $ 1.50                4.6

Loaf Calzone              7                      High: $ 12.00  Low: $ 11.50              1.0

Kids Menu                 5                      High: $ 3.50    Low: $ 2.50                1.4

Breakfast Meal           6                      High: $ 5.25    Low: $ 1.75                3

Omelettes                   6                      High: $ 4.75    Low: $ 3.50                1.4

Sandwich on Toast     7                      High: $ 3.50    Low: $ 1.75                2

Side Orders                16                    High: $ 3.50    Low: $              .50                 7

Divide the lowest price into the highest price for each category and write the number you get to the right. The value represents a ratio that indicates the difference between the highest and lowest priced items. For example, if the highest priced entrée is $23.50 and the lowest is $9.95, the ration is 2.3. This is saying the most expensive entrée is 2.3. Times more expensive than the lowest priced entree.

5. Artwork and Graphics

When you first open or look at the menu, are your eyes drawn to any specific part of the menu? ____X____Yes _________No

If yes, where? Indicate the page/panel and location on the page, e.g., “To the top right of the right-hand page.”

            Yes, when I first saw the online menu of  J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria my eyes were drawn towards the fourth category of the menu, which has the following heading “DINNERS SERVED AT 5:00 PM.” This was located at the first page of the online menu, which is situated at the lower portion of the page.

Are you aware of what caused you to focus on that part of the menu? If yes, what?

            Yes, I am aware as to why this particular category in the menu caught my attention. Since there is nothing really special about the menu, the only thing that I noticed was the fact that they emphasized the time wherein they start serving dinner. This is due to the fact that it is the only heading that has a specific time indicated to it. Moreover, another thing notable about that part of the menu is the single item that was found below it. However, the item specified was “Daily Pasta Special (Lunch)” that I found to be completely irrelevant to the heading above it as the category pertains to dinner items.

Does the menu contain any of the following (check all that apply):

________ Artwork or Illustrations (none)

________ Photographs (none)

________ Graphic Design (none)

What techniques are used to draw your attention and catch your eye?

________ Use of Color

________ Use of Graphic Design (Boxes, Lines)

________ Use of Artwork or Illustrations

________ The Style of Typeface

________ The Size of the Typeface

____X___ Other: The technique used that draw my attention to that particular heading was the specified time that they indicated as well as the capital and bold letters that the restaurant made use of.

How many printed pages or panels does the menu use?

            The restaurant’s menu used four pages in order to inform their customers of the various foods that they serve.

Dinner Menu____X___ Dessert Menu_______

6. Signature Items

Which item(s) on the menu would be considered signature foods for the operation? (Signature foods are those items, which could be called “specialties of the house.” They are usually so good or unique that customers will come specifically to partake in these items.)

            J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria as indicated in the restaurant’s name specializes in serving various kinds of pizza. They also make exceptional cold and hot sandwiches. Nevertheless, the house specialty that they are greatly known for is their calzones. Some customers even described their calzones as “out of this world”, which usually make their clients comeback to their restaurant.

Do these items receive any specific and noticeable emphasis on the menu?

____X___Yes  ______ No

If Yes, what emphasis (e.g. larger or bolder type, different typeface, graphics, illustrations, contrasting ink color, placement on page, description, etc)?

            The restaurant did not do much in order to emphasize their house specialty specifically their calzones. They do not have any graphics or illustrations nor did they use any color schemes in order to entice their customers of how delicious their foods are. The only thing that made me noticed that their specialty is calzone is the fact that they designated two parts of the menu for it. There is a specific portion of the menu where they enumerated all the types of calzones that they served with its different stuffing. In relation to this, there is also another part in the menu wherein they specified another category for loaf calzones. This makes me realized that this item is indeed their specialty because as compared with other restaurants who also served Italian cuisine, they only have the usual calzone unlike J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria that also make loaf calzones.

In you opinion…

If you identified items that are signature foods and that are given special consideration in their placement on the menu, indicate as to which of the following earmarked the item for special treatment.

_______Low Food Cost        ________High Gross Profit

_______Easy To Prepare       ________Potentially High Average Check

___X___Popularity                ____X___Provides Competitive Distinctiveness


7. Prix-fixe Options

In addition to the à la carte section; does the menu feature prix-fixe options?

____X___ yes  _______no. If yes, please list them:

§  Kids Menu

§  Breakfast Meal

§  Omellettes that includes home fries and toast

8. Menu Item Descriptions

a. How would you rate the “sell power” of their menu descriptions?

_______Original and Unique Style

____X__Somewhat Ordinary and Standard

b. Please support your evaluation with two good examples:

§  The menu of J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria is ordinary and standard because there is nothing

special or exceptional in how their menu was presented. They did not use any graphics, illustrations and color schemes. Furthermore, aside from the absence of any form of design in their menu, it also lacks the use of different kinds of textual fonts that should have emphasized the important items in their menu like their house specialty.

§  There is really nothing unique in their menu and this is clearly seen from the mere kind

of website page they used. It is similar to a simple paper that anybody uses in his or her everyday activities. Their online menu gives an impression that the one who created it did not really exert the necessary effort since it looks like a mere scanned paper that was uploaded in the Internet. Moreover, the sequencing of their menu is not in order. This is observable in the case that the dinner items are in the first page while the breakfast meal is at the last page. Another instance is that the two categories of their calzones are not place together. The first category is found at the first page and the next one is located at the third page. These clearly show the lack of organization of their menu list, which could be confusing for the customers when they are already making their orders.

9. Additional Comment

            In the food business, the tastes of the items being serve are not the only thing that has to be taken into consideration. Aesthetic value is also essential in order to attract clients in patronizing the restaurant. This should be seen in the mere presentation of their menu. J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria’s menu gives the impression that their restaurant is low-class and has really nothing much to offer, it looks ordinary and dull. It would be advantageous for this restaurant if they would immediately modify their online menu. They should put graphics and illustrations to better inform the customer of the food they are serving. Using color schemes like red and orange would also aid in stimulating their customers’ senses that their food are exceptionally delicious. Moreover, they should also organize the sequencing of their menu so that the customers would not have a hard time in choosing what they want. Doing so, would be very beneficial for J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria because this would be good for marketing their business in encouraging more customers to avail of their products and services.

10. Attachment:

Print one (only) representative page of the menu and attach it to your paper.

Work Cited

“J. Palmieri’s Pizzeria Menu.” 2003. 4 October 2008 <


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