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The evolutionary pathway which Mesoamerica was able to achieve was primarily based on the utilization of the available resources within its population’s habitats - Mesoamerica The evolutionary pathway introduction. The first generation of communities hunted animals and directly consumed available food derivatives. Then they learned the procedures of cultivating their own crops through agricultural techniques. This is followed by the establishment of their stable communities which lead to the creation of functional parameters of Teotihuacan. The “city” type of living increased the expansion of land establishments by the Mayans and Aztecs until they have founded their respective civilizations even before the Spanish conquest.


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Basically, the mining procedures initiated by the Spanish colonizers have drastically changed the landscape of the previous settlements of the Mayans. The activity contributed to the destructions of then native agricultural resources and sources of living. This reduced the capability of the Mayans to increase the production of their food supply. In addition to that, they were driven away from their settlements because of the modification of the lands and the lesser capability of the population to defend itself against the Spaniards. The mining activities attracted external settlers to Northern Mexico displacing a huge number of the Mayan population (Mining Watch 1).





















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