Metaesthetics Essay


Nowadays the interest to metaesthetics is swiftly growing - Metaesthetics Essay introduction. It is noted that contemporary films are trying to respond to the deepest needs and desires of humans, though special attention is paid to finding something new, unique and unexpected in film producing industry. Attempts to present expression through revealing the truth have lead to emergence of new form of art – metaesthetics. New interpretations and explorations in the sphere of aesthetics have revealed an idea that it is important for humans to think and to make sense of life and, therefore, metaesthetics aims at providing thorough expression of desires and needs of humans. Metaesthetics, further, aims at presenting real beauty in order to empower expression. Metaesthetics is going far beyond dimple theory of aesthetics and, thus, tries to overcome the restrictions of expressions.

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Speaking about the point of metaesthetics, it is necessary to outline that it is a combination of beauty and truth, truth is being revealed and beauty is being expressed by the means of metaesthetics. Actually, metaesthetics involves artistic expression, spirituality, figurative meanings and values, ethos, etc. Apparently, metaesthetics is beyond human knowledge and logic giving life to meaning. Artist and artwork are the direct givers of value and meaning, they try to give another meaning to expression and explanation “making the critic and critical theory the raw data for the artist and work”.

It is necessary to admit that metaesthetics is able to transform critical theory into artistic expression. Moreover, the objective of the metaesthetics isn’t objection to metaphors and symbols being the world ethos. Instead, metaesthetics tends to supplement and to contribute them by adding new ideas and concepts. Metaesthetics claim that the life isn’t limited to critical theory; instead it is full of meanings and values claiming the humans are the givers of those values and meanings. Therefore, art expression helps human to give life to everything in art.

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