Method of data input to a computer system Essay


Q 1 - Method of data input to a computer system Essay introduction. Method of data input to a computer system

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Printed questionnaires- MS Access
Telephone survey-  database using ODBC
Bank checks- simple text files instead
Retail tags- simple text files
Long documents-  Oracle
Q 2. Method of output

Hand held computer – Setting images as desktop wallpaper allows the following settings: Position on desktop – specifies the position of the image on the desktop. The following variants are available:

Center – positions the image in the center of desktop.
Tile – positions a full-scale image on your desktop. If the image size is smaller than the desktop size, several non-overlapping images will be placed on the desktop.
If you save an image to e-mail it later on, the following settings are available to you: Specify address where you would like to send images or leave this empty – specifies default e-mail address. You can always change it when e-mailing the image. If you leave this field empty, a message with blank address will be created. Send images as – sets the output format for the image to be sent. Select one of the following variants:

JPEF (75% quality) – best for photos
GIF (256 color) – best for web graphics
BMP (True color) – lossless

Colour photograph- fCoder? s main line is photo manipulation software – image viewers, image converters, etc.. We have long and profound experience you can rely on. Our graphic engine being developed and improved for three years has now become a powerful tool that processes large images, batches of graphic files and even damaged files with great stability. Most fCoder photo tools have the capability to process images in the batch mode.

Resume- Saving images in GIF format allows the following settings:

Number of colors – changes the number of colors of an image. The number of colors may vary from 2 to 256 colors.

Interlaced – allows to create interlaced image so that the image would look nicer when loaded (e.g. via Internet). When this option is ON, the image is loaded by rows and is gradually sharpened.

Dithering – dithering was developed to increase the apparent color resolution of a display without reducing the spatial resolution.

Quantization level – quantization of color images is necessary if the display on which a specific image is presented works with fewer colors than the original image.

Memorandum- using word programme

Statistical report- using graphical methods in excel progaramme

Company annual report-Page settings are designed to adjust page settings.

and its position on the page. Selecting Print as You can do the following: select the number of images on a page, create text in the upper and lower parts of the page as well as above/under every image. Mind that when using trial version you will be able to print only 5 images!!! So, if you want to print 8 images on 2 pages (4 images on each page), the result will be only 5 images – 4 on the first page and 1 on the second page. output method provides the user with a powerful tool of creating high quality copies.

Q 3. situations for using

Hard disk- storage bulky data and software programmes of a computer permanently
o   Floppy disk- Programs and files easily fit on floppy disks. Even the OS (operating system) could be kept on a floppy to be inserted and loaded into memory at start-up. storage of data and programmes that require small capacity in kilobytes


o   RAM- to hold data and information for shortest time while the power supply of a computer is on. Random Access Memory (RAM) acts as a high speed middleman, providing enough data from the hard disk for microprocessor to use at any given time without making it wait.

CD ROM- Compact Disc read-only memory used to store data, music and playback. It is also used to store multi media and soft wares.
Tape- These are very slow and storage is linear. This meant that you have to ‘fast forward’ and ‘rewind’ the tape continuously.

Q 4. Role of each one of the following in determining speed of the computer.

RAM- It’s been proven that adding more memory to a computer system increases its performance
o   Clock speed The clock speed of a CPU is defined as the frequency that a processor executes instructions or that data is processed. This clock speed is measured in millions of cycles per second or megahertz (MHz) The clock itself is actually a quartz crystal that vibrates at a certain frequency when electricity is passed through it. Each vibration sends out a pulse or beat, like a metronome, to each component that’s synchronized with it.

o   Data on the hard disk- the capacity of the free sector affects the speed of the computer

Data on CD ROM- CD ROM discs are read using CD-ROM drives. Virtually all modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs as well as Video CDs and other data standards when used in conjunction with the right software.
Data on floppy drive- it has no effect on the speed of a computer.




4. Systems Analysis and Design; Kenneth E, Kendall Julie; Prentice Hall; 6 edition, 2004

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