Methods of Study for Final Exam Essay

Tremendous changes happened in my life since 3 years earlier I followed the suggestion of my Mathematics teacher to keep a habit of everyday planning - Methods of Study for Final Exam Essay introduction. Three years later today as I recall the period when implementing the plan, several big contrasts are presented clearly in front me, before and after planning, to the extent that I really have to list them out here. Because an everyday plan makes my life substantial and leads me closer to my dream and success, yet no planning leads me to an aimless life.

There is proverb which says that we can tell how successful a person is by watching what he does during his spare time. I once was such kind of guy with no planning, so during weekends or holidays I always felt so boring and have nothing to do and just do what attracted my attention temporarily. Even during the school hours, I needed to spent several time figuring out what I should study next and other things I should do, thus wasting a lot time in rethinking for that day’s objective and rescheduling for that day. But now, I have formed a habit of planning.

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A plan reminds me the task I should accomplish everyday in a timely order, and the only thing I need to do is to just take a look at it and absorb myself in the next task immediately. So compared with no planning at all, it saves me some time that cannot be neglected. Previously, I was regarded as a person who did whatever called to my mind. Surely, some main task of that day have been missed and sometimes I did things that had nothing to do with my future success and dream, or even contradicts with my main life paths.

The consequence for the accumulation of these kind of status is that I had to spare some extra time to adjust my lifestyle and pick up the initial dream I have and the hope my parent s hold for me. Fortunately, I began to write some plans for everyday, and they form a big plan for my future. In this way, I list all the necessary things for me and label the most important ones which will affect other daily activities if not done in time, and it helps me go through my livelihood more easily and smoothly without any anxiety caused by not finishing the previous tasks when several new tasks come along. From another perspective, plan with emphasize helps me possess the ability to grab the main point, ignore the unimportant, and balance other common things in my life, which is important for my daily life. Most important of all, a plan records my growth path, and I can evaluate my previous performance to check what I have done well and what I have neglected by looking through my everyday plan and making a careful analysis about them. Therefore a new goal is set up for a long-term purpose to direct my following objects and everyday plans. This kind of self-examination is so significant to determine the degree of my growth rate.

Although it is a time-consuming process, but only through this process can we become more mature and experienced. On the contrary, without these everyday plans, it will be difficult for me to remember the things I did recently or can just remember some important fragments which cannot form a consistent process. As a result, an evaluation of my performance and myself will be more difficult. As an old sayings states, introspect three times a day can make a successful man. Above all, a good habit of planning helps a person on all aspects of life, while no planning leaves a person in the unbounded darkness and chaos.

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